BCO-DMO Contact Information

Please contact info AT bco-dmo.org if you have any questions or comments about the BCO-DMO initiative or would like to discuss publication of data or results from your project.

Principal Investigators

Cyndy Chandler (Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department, WHOI)
e-mail: cchandler AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-2765

David Glover (Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department, WHOI)

Bob Groman (Biology Department, WHOI)
e-mail: rgroman AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-2409

Peter Wiebe (Biology Department, WHOI) (Lead PI)

Data Managers

Hannah Ake (Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department, WHOI)
e-mail: hake AT whoi.edu; phone 1-508-289-2620

Dicky Allison (Biology Department, WHOI) RETIRED
e-mail: mallison AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-2298

Nancy Copley (Biology Department, WHOI)
e-mail: ncopley AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-3204

Danie Kinkade (Biology Department, WHOI)
e-mail: dkinkade AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-2291

Shannon Rauch (Biology Department, WHOI)
e-mail: srauch AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-2817

Amber York (Marine Chemistry and Geochemistry Department, WHOI)
e-mail: adyork AT whoi.edu; phone: 1-508-289-3977

We also call upon part-time data managers who have specific domain expertise.

Web Site Manager & Application Programmers

Adam Shepherd (Information Services, WHOI)
e-mail:  adam AT whoi.edu
phone: (508) 289-2772

Warren Sass (Biology Department, WHOI)
e-mail:  wsass AT whoi.edu
phone: (508) 289-2875


BCO-DMO is located at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Shiverick House, MS #36, Woods Hole, MA, 02543 USA.