Funding Source: NSF Division of Ocean Sciences (NSF OCE)

Dataset Award Number
15N Uptake Rates OCE-0960806
16S rRNA and hydrazine oxidoreductase genes OCE-0851435
16S rRNA clone library OCE-0723866
16S rRNA gene and particulate monooxygenase diversity OCE-0826254
16S rRNA gene and particulate monooxygenase diversity OCE-0825436
16S rRNA gene and particulate monooxygenase diversity OCE-0825791
1993_avhrr OCE-9806376
1994_avhrr OCE-9806376
1995_avhrr OCE-9806376
1996_avhrr OCE-9806376
1997_avhrr OCE-9806376
1998_avhrr OCE-9806376
1999_avhrr OCE-9806376
2000_avhrr OCE-9806376
2001_avhrr OCE-9806376
2002_avhrr OCE-9806376
2003_avhrr OCE-9806376
234Th - AN10 OCE-0934095
234Th Based POC Export OCE-0097232
2dmodel_m2only OCE-0219709
active surface bacteria OCE-0825468
ADCP_Weicker OCE-1129734
ADCP_Weicker OCE-1130033
algae_calcification OCE-1041270
algal classes OCE-1030345
algal cover time series OCE-0850707
All Bottle OCE-0234587
All Bottle OCE-0234587
All Bottle OCE-0238347
alongtrack OCE-1061883
alongtrack OCE-1031143
alongtrack OCE-1030518
alongtrack OCE-1031064
alongtrack_AT15-61 OCE-0850801
alongtrack_AT15-61 OCE-0850905
alongtrack_AT15-61 OCE-0943319
ammonium OCE-1031064
ammonium removal by seaweeds OCE-0928152
ammonium removal by seaweeds OCE-0928232
ammonium removal by seaweeds OCE-0928015
Antarctic Coral Flabellum impensum metabolism OCE-0727833
Arabian Sea phytoplankton OCE-1121022
Arenicola marina hydraulics OCE-0928002
artificial and transplant reef census OCE-0851162
ascidian space OCE-0850809
AT18-02_CTD OCE-1043225
Attheya_sp_experiments OCE-0850730
Auto-induction in Marine Diatoms OCE-1140042
B12-Vehicle Dive Sample Log OCE-0929167
B12-Vehicle Dive Sample Log OCE-0926199
bacteria OCE-1031064
Bacteria OCE-0425615
Bacterial Productivity and Photosynthesis Rates OCE-9981617
Bacterial Productivity and Photosynthesis Rates OCE-9981482
bacterial_production OCE-0724017
bacteria_FCM_lab OCE-0826626
bacterioplankton_dmdA_sequences OCE-0724017
Barnacle Field Temps OCE-0824903
Barnacle Respiration OCE-0824903
Barnacle Respiration Model OCE-0824903
barnacle_mussel_survey OCE-1039513
Basin Scale Biogeochemical Budgets of the North Atlantic OCE-9725974
BATS_cDNA_sequences OCE-0724017
BIB Experiments OCE-0850857
Biofloat_48 All Sensor Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 All Sensor Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 CSTAR transmissometer Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 CSTAR transmissometer Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 CTD Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 CTD Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Hyperspectral Downwelling Plane Irradiance - Ed - Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Hyperspectral Downwelling Plane Irradiance - Ed - Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 Hyperspectral Upwelling Plane Radiance - Lu - Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Hyperspectral Upwelling Plane Radiance - Lu - Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 LI-COR sensor PAR profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 LI-COR sensor PAR profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Optode dissolved oxygen sensor Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 Optode dissolved oxygen sensor Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Satlantic ISUS Nitrate profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Satlantic ISUS Nitrate profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 Seabird dissolved oxygen sensor Profiles OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 Seabird dissolved oxygen sensor Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 surface GPS position and time data OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 surface GPS position and time data OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 track OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 track OCE-0628379
Biofloat_48 Wetlabs FLNTU chlorophyll sensor Profiles OCE-0628107
Biofloat_48 Wetlabs FLNTU chlorophyll sensor Profiles OCE-0628379
BioGeoChem OCE-0927277
BioGeoChem OCE-0648130
BioGeoChem OCE-0927512
biogeochem and biology OCE-1030149
Biogeochemistry OCE-0241662
Biogeochemistry OCE-0453023
biogeochemistry microbiology OCE-9415790
biogeochemistry microbiology OCE-9711318
biogeochemistry microbiology OCE-0326268
biogeochemistry microbiology OCE-0752139
biogeochem_microbes OCE-0927411
biological samples OCE-1136693
Biology OCE-0241662
Biomass OCE-0234587
Biomass OCE-0239089
bird obs - metadata OCE-0534609
birds OCE-0534609
BML Mooring pCO2 OCE-0927255
BML Mooring pH OCE-0927255
BONGO LOPC - Log OCE-0927863
BONGO LOPC - Log OCE-0928139
BONGO LOPC - Log OCE-0928425
BONGO LOPC - Stations OCE-0927863
BONGO LOPC - Stations OCE-0928139
BONGO LOPC - Stations OCE-0928425
BONGO LOPC - UnProcessed Data OCE-0927863
BONGO LOPC - UnProcessed Data OCE-0928139
BONGO LOPC - UnProcessed Data OCE-0928425
bongo net zooplankton OCE-0109078
Boron and Calcium in mussel larvae OCE-1401349
Boron and Calcium in mussel larvae - mass spec headers OCE-1401349
bottle OCE-1219948
bottle OCE-0327318
bottle OCE-1061883
bottle OCE-0826659
bottle base hydrography OCE-0241310
Bottle Data OCE-0425363
Bottle Data OCE-0430724
Bottle Data OCE-0425583
bottle data 2000 OCE-0000733
bottle salinity OCE-0241310
bottle_data OCE-1043225
bottle_data_2002 OCE-0000733
bottle_KN207-01 OCE-1031143
bottle_proc OCE-0109078
BW MBRSCorals - OA Experiments OCE-1031995
BW MBRSCorals - Temperature Experiments OCE-1031995
Byssal Thread Tests - All Breaks OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - All Distal Breaks OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - All Plaque Breaks OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - All Proximal Breaks OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - Break Order OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - First Break OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - Model Inputs OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - Ratio OCE-1041213
Byssal Thread Tests - Yield OCE-1041213
Calcifying Fluid - pH Measurements OCE-1031995
Calcifying Fluid - pH Model OCE-1031995
Calibration Reports - NAB08 OCE-0628107
Calibration Reports - NAB08 OCE-0628379
California Current winter climate reconstruction - biological timeseries OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - bird & fish data OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - physical timeseries OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - SST OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - tree-rings OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - upwelling OCE-1130125
California Current winter climate reconstruction - upwelling index OCE-1130125
calvet_ak_ltop OCE-0109078
Carbon - no POC_new OCE-9217518
Carbon - with POC_new OCE-9217518
Carbon Comparisons OCE-9217518
Carbon Survey Redfield Ratios OCE-9903391
Carbon Survey Redfield Ratios OCE-9819144
carbonate chemistry and corals expt OCE-1041106
carbonate chemistry and corals expt OCE-1041052
carbonate_chemistry OCE-1041270
Cast Log OCE-9217518
ccs_proc_CTD OCE-0003273
cetaceans OCE-0534609
cgoa_ltop_nutrients OCE-0109078
Chemistry - July 2008 OCE-0751617
Chemistry - May 2007 OCE-0751617
Chemistry - October 2007 OCE-0751617
chitin density OCE-0850809
CHL OCE-0726858
Chloro HPLC OCE-0550725
Chlorophyll OCE-0928139
Chlorophyll OCE-0928425
chlorophyll OCE-1031064
chlorophyll OCE-9806375
chlorophyll OCE-1031064
Chlorophyll OCE-0927863
chlorophyll a OCE-0423418
chlorophyll_a OCE-0724017
chlorophyll_a OCE-0648711
chl_a_3m OCE-0000733
ciliate abundance and biomass OCE-1030476
Circovirus DNA Sequence Information OCE-1049670
CN - CN Fixation Rates OCE-0934073
CO2 OCE-9217518
CO2-stressed diatom proteome OCE-0927733
Coagulation Model OCE-9726077
comparative lionfish behavior OCE-0851162
comparative lionfish growth OCE-0851162
comparative lionfish growth - Caymans OCE-0851162
Connectivity Matrices OCE-0648656
Copepod abundance - bongos OCE-9310577
Copepod abundance - bongos OCE-9310599
Copepod abundance - MOCNESS OCE-9310599
Copepod abundance - MOCNESS OCE-9310577
coral diversity and richness OCE-1041106
coral growth dye experiment OCE-1041106
coral growth isotope spike experiment OCE-1041106
coral percent cover OCE-1105143
coral physiology and algal type OCE-0825413
CoralLarvae_comparison_respir OCE-0844785
CoralLarvae_release OCE-0844785
CoralLarvae_respir OCE-0844785
CoralLarvae_size OCE-0844785
coral_calification OCE-1041270
Cores - Gravity Cores - Pore Water Data OCE-0934073
Cores - Gravity Cores - Solid Phase Data OCE-0934073
Cores - Multi Cores - Pore Water Data OCE-0934073
Cores - Multi Cores - Solid Phase Data OCE-0934073
Crocosphaera watsonii CO2 and light experiment OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii CO2 experiment OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii light experiment OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 cell diameter light expt OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 cell diameter P-light-CO2 expt OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 cellular growth rates expt OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 cellular P use efficiency OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 CO2 and gross N2 fixation OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 light experiment OCE-0722337
Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 P-uptake and cellular P OCE-0722337
Cruise Event Log OCE-1130870
cruise event log OCE-0241310
Cruise Event Log OCE-1235248
cruise plan OCE-0301139
Cruise Report OCE-0728582
Cruise Summary OCE-9981617
Cruise Summary OCE-9981482
Cruise Track OCE-0550485
cruise track OCE-0802004
Cruise Track OCE-0447570
Cruise Track OCE-1130870
Cruise Track OCE-1061391
Cruise Track OCE-0850494
Cruise Track OCE-0081686
Cruise Track OCE-0927863
Cruise Track OCE-0929167
Cruise Track OCE-0928139
Cruise Track OCE-0928425
Cruise Track OCE-0726858
Cruise Track OCE-0628379
Cruise Track OCE-0849578
Cruise Track OCE-1235248
Cruise Track OCE-0926199
Cruise Track - C-MORE and HOT Cruises OCE-0926766
Cruise Track - IC1 OCE-0648408
Cruise Track - IC1 OCE-0726319
Cruise Track - KM0812 OCE-0623596
Cruise Track - KM0812 OCE-0850827
Cruise Track - R2R OCE-0961900
Cruise Track - R2R OCE-0960806
Cruise Track - SMS OCE-0961900
Cruise Track - SMS OCE-0960806
Cruise Tracks OCE-0726367
Cruise Tracks OCE-0825600
Cruise Tracks OCE-0927512
Cruise Tracks OCE-0928495
Cruise Tracks OCE-0927445
Cruise Tracks OCE-0241662
Cruise Tracks OCE-1045330
Cruise Tracks OCE-0934095
Cruise Tracks OCE-1043248
Cruise Tracks OCE-1043249
Cruise Tracks OCE-0961660
Cruise Tracks OCE-0927277
Cruise Tracks OCE-1043261
Cruise Tracks OCE-0648130
cruise tracks - CROCKS/HROCKS OCE-0825436
cruise tracks - CROCKS/HROCKS OCE-0939232
cruise tracks - CROCKS/HROCKS OCE-0825791
cruise tracks - CROCKS/HROCKS OCE-0939559
cruise tracks - CROCKS/HROCKS OCE-0939557
cruise tracks - CROCKS/HROCKS OCE-0826254
cruise_report OCE-0452883
cruise_reports OCE-9310577
cruise_reports OCE-9310599
cruise_tracks OCE-1061128
CTD OCE-0241662
CTD OCE-0829512
CTD OCE-0423418
CTD OCE-1154320
CTD OCE-0453023
CTD - Bottle OCE-1043261
CTD - Bottle OCE-0628416
CTD - Bottle OCE-1043248
CTD - Bottle OCE-1043249
CTD - Bottle - AN10 OCE-0934095
CTD - Bottle Nutrients OCE-0728582
CTD - Bottle Summary OCE-0927863
CTD - Bottle Summary OCE-0928139
CTD - Bottle Summary OCE-0928425
CTD - Bottles OCE-0550485
CTD - Bottles - OC449-03 OCE-0726367
CTD - Cast Sheets OCE-0526462
CTD - Cast Sheets OCE-0526072
CTD - Cast Sheets (all casts) OCE-0526462
CTD - Cast Sheets (all casts) OCE-0526072
CTD - Discrete Samples OCE-0927445
CTD - Discrete Samples OCE-0728582
CTD - GT-C Bottle OCE-1235248
CTD - GT-C Bottle OCE-1130870
CTD - Hydro Nutrients - EN496 OCE-0928495
CTD - Hydro Nutrients - EN509 OCE-0928495
CTD - Hydro Nutrients - OC468-02 OCE-0928495
CTD - ODF Bottle OCE-1235248
CTD - ODF Bottle OCE-1130870
CTD - Profile Data OCE-0927445
CTD - Profiles OCE-0927277
CTD - Profiles OCE-0526462
CTD - Profiles OCE-1043261
CTD - Profiles OCE-0550485
CTD - Profiles OCE-0927512
CTD - Profiles OCE-0239089
CTD - Profiles OCE-0234587
CTD - Profiles OCE-0927863
CTD - Profiles OCE-0526072
CTD - Profiles OCE-0728582
CTD - Profiles OCE-1043248
CTD - Profiles OCE-0928139
CTD - Profiles OCE-0928425
CTD - Profiles OCE-0726858
CTD - Profiles OCE-1043249
CTD - Profiles - AN10 OCE-0934095
CTD - Profiles - EN496 OCE-0928495
CTD - Profiles - EN509 OCE-0928495
CTD - Profiles - ISL0109 OCE-0726367
CTD - Profiles - OC449-03 OCE-0726367
CTD - Profiles - OC468-02 OCE-0928495
CTD - Pump Seacat CTD - Down Casts OCE-0726367
CTD - Pump Seacat CTD - Up Casts OCE-0726367
CTD - SAM Data Files OCE-0728582
CTD - Stations OCE-0526462
CTD - Stations OCE-0526072
CTD - Stations OCE-0550485
CTD - Stations OCE-1043261
CTD - Stations OCE-0928495
CTD - Stations OCE-0927445
CTD - Stations OCE-0623174
CTD - Stations OCE-0628416
CTD - Stations OCE-0239089
CTD - Stations OCE-0927863
CTD - Stations OCE-0550725
CTD - Stations OCE-0234587
CTD - Stations OCE-0928139
CTD - Stations OCE-0928425
CTD - Stations OCE-1043248
CTD - Stations OCE-0728582
CTD - Stations OCE-1043249
CTD - Stations - AN10 OCE-0934095
CTD - TRIAXUS - 1sec Data OCE-0239089
CTD - TRIAXUS - 24Hz Data OCE-0239089
CTD 1m averaged profiles OCE-0628107
CTD 1m averaged profiles OCE-0628379
CTD Binned Downcasts - CH0508 OCE-0550725
CTD Bottle Data - MV1101 OCE-0961660
CTD Bottle Data - RR1202 OCE-0961660
CTD Bottle Files - CH0508 OCE-0550725
CTD Bottle Files - Means - CH0508 OCE-0550725
CTD Data OCE-1061823
CTD Data with Chemical and Biological Discrete Samples OCE-0926699
CTD Down Casts - MV1101 OCE-0961660
CTD Down Casts - RR1202 OCE-0961660
CTD full resolution profiles OCE-0961900
CTD full resolution profiles OCE-0960806
CTD full resolution profiles OCE-0628107
CTD full resolution profiles OCE-0628379
CTD Log OCE-9217518
CTD Profiles OCE-1219948
CTD Profiles OCE-0939559
CTD Profiles unknown CARIACO NSF OCE
CTD Profiles OCE-0939557
CTD profiles OCE-0825407
CTD Profiles OCE-1031143
CTD Profiles OCE-0826254
CTD Profiles OCE-0825600
CTD profiles OCE-1136693
CTD profiles OCE-0622754
CTD Profiles OCE-0850494
CTD profiles OCE-0241310
CTD profiles OCE-0622754
CTD Profiles OCE-0752336
CTD Profiles OCE-0926766
CTD Profiles OCE-1233868
CTD Profiles OCE-0825436
CTD Profiles OCE-0939232
CTD profiles OCE-0646944
CTD Profiles OCE-0961157
CTD Profiles OCE-0825791
CTD Profiles OCE-0425583
CTD Profiles OCE-0425363
CTD Profiles - BATS226 OCE-0550725
CTD Profiles - CH0508 OCE-0550725
CTD profiles - IC1 OCE-0648408
CTD Profiles - KM1013 OCE-0825407
CTD profiles 2009 OCE-0849578
CTD profiles 2011 OCE-0849578
CTD station log OCE-0826659
CTD Stations OCE-0425583
CTD Stations OCE-0425363
CTD Stations OCE-0961157
CTD Stations OCE-1233868
CTD Stations OCE-0961660
CTD TM_Rosette Nutrients Chl OCE-9217518
CTD_ak_ltop OCE-0109078
CTD_bottle OCE-0826626
CTD_cast_sheets OCE-1031064
CTD_cgoa process cruises OCE-0109078
CTD_CH0112 OCE-1130033
CTD_CH0112 OCE-1129734
CTD_Cokelet eco FOCI cruises OCE-0109078
CTD_dg OCE-9806375
CTD_hydro_1dbar OCE-0826626
CTD_KM1301 OCE-1031064
CTD_KM1301 OCE-1030518
CTD_KM1312 OCE-1030518
CTD_KM1312 OCE-1031064
CTD_Profiles OCE-1061883
CTD_profiles_LIS OCE-0648711
CTD_TN277 OCE-1031064
CTD_TN277 OCE-1030518
CTD_Weicker OCE-1130033
CTD_Weicker OCE-1129734
cyanobacteria N2 fixation OCE-0722337
Cyanophage abundance OCE-1029684
Cyanophage abundance OCE-1005388
Cyanophage abundance OCE-1031783
damselfish response to lionfish OCE-0851162
Data Set #1A: Partitioning of carbon as a function of pCO2 and temperature during growth of Thalassiosira weissflogii OCE-1041038
Data Set #1B: Bioavailability of dissolved organic carbon produced by Thalassiosira weissflogii grown under different pCO2 and temperature conditions (Experiment OA5) OCE-1041038
Data Set #2A: Partitioning of carbon as a function of pCO2 and temperature during growth of Dactyliosolen fragilissimus OCE-1041038
Data Set #2B: Bioavailability of dissolved organic carbon produced by Dactyliosolen fragilissimus grown under different pCO2 and temperature condition (Experiment OA6) OCE-1041038
Data Set #3A: Utilization of dissolved organic carbon by a natural bacterial community as a function of pCO2 (Experiment OA8) OCE-1041038
Database Profile Data Products OCE-0550725
debris log OCE-1266417
debris registry OCE-1266417
December Atlantis Samples OCE-1045115
Deep-sea benthos OCE-0727243
del15N_PON OCE-0241340
Delta 13C isotopic ratios OCE-9725955
Diatom SEM images - AN10 OCE-0934095
Diazo Distribution OCE-0425583
Diazo Distribution OCE-0425363
DIC OCE-1031064
DICE_sequences OCE-0724017
DIF_records unknown NEP NSF OCE
Dinitrogen fixation rates and nifH community structure OCE-0850827
Dinoflagellate Evo OCE-0962309
Discrete - 13C samples OCE-0623596
Discrete - 13C samples OCE-0850827
Discrete - 13C samples OCE-0648130
Discrete - 15N2 samples OCE-0623596
Discrete - 15N2 samples OCE-0850827
Dissolved Fe Zn Cd conc and isotopes OCE-1131387
Dissolved Fe Zn Cd conc and isotopes OCE-0929491
Dissolved Inorganic Carbon OCE-1031064
dissolved oxygen and barometric pressure OCE-1031064
Dissolved Th/Pa - IC1/IC2 OCE-0752402
Dissolved Th/Pa - SO-202 OCE-1029211
dive CTD - CROCKS-II OCE-0825436
dive CTD - CROCKS-II OCE-0939232
dive CTD - CROCKS-II OCE-0825791
dive CTD - CROCKS-II OCE-0939559
dive CTD - CROCKS-II OCE-0939557
dive CTD - CROCKS-II OCE-0826254
dive log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825436
dive log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939232
dive log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825791
dive log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939559
dive log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939557
dive log - CROCKS-II OCE-0826254
DMSP-dependent_protein_structures OCE-0724017
DNA Extracts OCE-0926766
DNA primer accession numbers OCE-0928442
Drifters OCE-0234587
Drifters - CT OCE-0239089
Drifters - EXP OCE-0239089
dye_bh OCE-9806361
Emiliania huxleyi carbonate data OCE-0961229
Emiliania huxleyi growth rates OCE-0961229
Emiliania huxleyi SEM OCE-0961229
event log OCE-9310599
event log OCE-1041068
event log OCE-0751734
event log OCE-1061883
event log OCE-1136693
event log OCE-1061391
Event Log OCE-0628416
Event Log OCE-9217518
event log OCE-1031143
event log OCE-1154320
event log OCE-0423418
event log OCE-9310577
Event Log OCE-0927863
event log OCE-0851350
Event Log OCE-0928139
Event Log OCE-0928425
event log OCE-1061128
event log OCE-0751653
event log OCE-0849578
event log OCE-1219948
Event Log - AN10 OCE-0934095
event log - IC1 OCE-0726319
event log - IC1 OCE-0648408
event log - IC1 original PDFs OCE-0726319
event log - IC1 original PDFs OCE-0648408
event log - IC2 OCE-0726319
event log OC467 OCE-0430724
Event Logs OCE-0850827
event logs OCE-0850857
Event Logs OCE-0239089
Event Logs OCE-0648130
Event Logs OCE-0928495
Event Logs OCE-0234587
Event Logs OCE-0453023
Event Logs OCE-0623596
Event Logs OCE-0241662
eventlogs OCE-9732386
eventlogs OCE-0000733
eventlog_CT2010 OCE-0928801
eventlog_Endeavor OCE-0928801
event_log OCE-0452883
event_log OCE-0927411
event_logs OCE-1043225
Exp and Survey Biogeochem and Microbial data OCE-0850857
extract allelopathy OCE-0929119
extract palatability - Amphiroa OCE-0929119
extract palatability - Padina OCE-0929119
fairy basslet baseline density OCE-0851162
fairy basslet census Eleuthera OCE-0851162
fairy basslet census LSI OCE-0851162
fairy basslet counts post-invasion OCE-0851162
Fe Speciation OCE-0452883
filter tracer content OCE-0928232
filter tracer content OCE-0928015
filter tracer content OCE-0928152
fish species counts OCE-9018392
fish species counts OCE-9314798
fish species counts OCE-9711529
fish species counts OCE-0002317
fish species counts OCE-8415615
fish species counts OCE-0526361
fish species counts OCE-8716726
FLA_lagoon_hydro OCE-0830547
flow cytometer OCE-0000733
fluor_PAM OCE-0724017
FNPP_F1_sed_trap OCE-1139902
Friday Harbor Labs - Weather Station Data OCE-0824903
Galaxaura thalli allelopathy OCE-0929119
Gene expression OCE-0723908
Gene expression profiles from high CO2-adapted Trichodesmium OCE-1143760
Glaucus atlanticus sample voucher log OCE-0850625
Glaucus species COI and 16S positions and bases OCE-0850625
Glaucus spp vouchers and accession numbers OCE-0850625
Global SeaWiFS Chlorophyll Sep97 - Dec04 OCE-9986737
Global Sediment Trap Synthesis OCE-9986766
Global Transmissometer Database OCE-9986762
goby consumption by lionfish OCE-0851162
GOM Biological (NPZD) Model OCE-0727033
GOM Biological (NPZD) Model OCE-0726851
GOM Physical Model OCE-0727033
GOM Physical Model OCE-0726851
GoMX_DWH_sed_trap OCE-1044289
GoMX_PIT_Oceanus_8-2010 OCE-1045330
grouper-goby lab expt OCE-0851162
grouper-lionfish refuge competition expt OCE-0851162
Growth OCE-0239089
Growth and Phyto OCE-0234587
growth phase exopolymers OCE-0726369
GT10 - As AP Surface Transects OCE-0926092
GT10 - As AP Surface Transects OCE-0926423
GT10 - Cruise Event Log OCE-0926092
GT10 - Cruise Event Log OCE-0926423
GT10 - Cruise Report OCE-0926092
GT10 - Cruise Report OCE-0926423
GT10 - Cruise Tracks OCE-0926092
GT10 - Cruise Tracks OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Bottle OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Bottle OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Cast Sheets OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Cast Sheets OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Profiles OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Profiles OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Sample Logs OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - GT-C Sample Logs OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Bottle OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Bottle OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Cast Sheets OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Cast Sheets OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Profiles OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Profiles OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Sample Logs OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Sample Logs OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD - PUMP Sample Logs OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD - PUMP Sample Logs OCE-0926423
GT10 - CTD and PUMP - Cast Events OCE-0926092
GT10 - CTD and PUMP - Cast Events OCE-0926423
GT10 - Cysteine Glutathione OCE-1132515
GT10 - Cysteine Glutathione OCE-0927274
GT10 - delta-O18 and Deuterium OCE-0827122
GT10 - Fe Soluble OCE-0926197
GT10 - FIA-AlFe OCE-0928741
GT10 - HeNe_dups OCE-0926659
GT10 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Profiles OCE-0926092
GT10 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Profiles OCE-0926423
GT10 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Surface OCE-0926092
GT10 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Surface OCE-0926423
GT10 - Ra Th OCE-0925158
GT10-11 - Co Total Dissolved and Labile OCE-0928414
GT10-11 - Cu Speciation OCE-0927387
GT10-11 - delta 15N-NO3 OCE-1138360
GT10-11 - delta 30Si OCE-1129227
GT10-11 - delta_13C OCE-0926213
GT10-11 - delta_13C OCE-1137455
GT10-11 - dFe and dFe-II OCE-0927285
GT10-11 - DIC_TA OCE-1132566
GT10-11 - Dissolved Po Pb OCE-0961653
GT10-11 - Dissolved Th and Pa OCE-0927064
GT10-11 - Dissolved Th and Pa OCE-0926860
GT10-11 - Dissolved Th and Pa OCE-0927754
GT10-11 - Fe Speciation OCE-0927453
GT10-11 - Filtered Rainwater OCE-1132766
GT10-11 - Filtered Rainwater OCE-0752351
GT10-11 - Filtered Rainwater OCE-0929919
GT10-11 - GaPbBa_bottles OCE-0927951
GT10-11 - GaPbBa_surface OCE-0927951
GT10-11 - HeNe OCE-0926659
GT10-11 - Hg Aerosol OCE-0928191
GT10-11 - Hg Aerosol OCE-1132480
GT10-11 - Hg Aerosol OCE-0927274
GT10-11 - Hg Aerosol OCE-1132515
GT10-11 - Hg Particulate OCE-1132515
GT10-11 - Hg Particulate OCE-0928191
GT10-11 - Hg Particulate OCE-1132480
GT10-11 - Hg Particulate OCE-0927274
GT10-11 - Hg Speciation OCE-1132515
GT10-11 - Hg Speciation OCE-0928191
GT10-11 - Hg Speciation OCE-1132480
GT10-11 - Hg Speciation OCE-0927274
GT10-11 - N African Mineral Dust Composition OCE-0929919
GT10-11 - N African Mineral Dust Composition OCE-1132766
GT10-11 - N African Mineral Dust Composition OCE-0752351
GT10-11 - Neodymium OCE-0927241
GT10-11 - Neodymium OCE-0928409
GT10-11 - Neodymium OCE-0926981
GT10-11 - Nitrate isotopes OCE-0960802
GT10-11 - Particulate composition OCE-0963026
GT10-11 - Particulate Fe Isotopes OCE-1131387
GT10-11 - Particulate Fe Isotopes OCE-0929491
GT10-11 - Particulate Po Pb OCE-0961351
GT10-11 - Particulate Th and Pa OCE-0927064
GT10-11 - Particulate trace elements OCE-0928289
GT10-11 - Pb Dissolved OCE-0926197
GT10-11 - Th234 Particulate OCE-0925158
GT10-11 - Th234_Total_and_U238 OCE-0925158
GT10-11 - Trace Element Profiles OCE-0961579
GT10-11 - Trace Element References OCE-0961579
GT10-11 - Trace Metals Aerosol OCE-1132766
GT10-11 - Trace Metals Aerosol OCE-0752351
GT10-11 - Trace Metals Aerosol OCE-0929919
GT10-11 - Tritium OCE-0926659
GT10-11 - Unfiltered Rainwater OCE-1132766
GT10-11 - Unfiltered Rainwater OCE-0752351
GT10-11 - Unfiltered Rainwater OCE-0929919
GT10-11 CFC and SF6 OCE-0928612
GT11 - CTD and PUMP - Cast Events OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD and PUMP - Cast Events OCE-0926423
GT11 - As AP Surface Transects OCE-0926092
GT11 - As AP Surface Transects OCE-0926423
GT11 - As Sb AP - Profiles OCE-0926092
GT11 - As Sb AP - Profiles OCE-0926423
GT11 - Cruise Event Log OCE-0926092
GT11 - Cruise Event Log OCE-0926423
GT11 - Cruise Event Log OCE-0926204
GT11 - Cruise Report OCE-0926092
GT11 - Cruise Report OCE-0926423
GT11 - Cruise Tracks OCE-0926092
GT11 - Cruise Tracks OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - Bottle Sampling Comments OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - Bottle Sampling Comments OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Bottle OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Bottle OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Cast Sheets OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Cast Sheets OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Profiles OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Profiles OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Sample Logs OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - GT-C Sample Logs OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Bottle OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Bottle OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Cast Sheets OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Cast Sheets OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Profiles OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Profiles OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Sample Logs OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - ODF/SIOR Sample Logs OCE-0926423
GT11 - CTD - PUMP Sample Logs OCE-0926092
GT11 - CTD - PUMP Sample Logs OCE-0926423
GT11 - Fe Soluble OCE-0926197
GT11 - FIA-AlFeMn OCE-0928741
GT11 - FIA-AlFeMn OCE-1137812
GT11 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Profiles OCE-0926092
GT11 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Surface OCE-0926092
GT11 - Nanomolar Nutrients - Surface OCE-0926423
Guaymas Basin vent copepods OCE-8709962
Guaymas Basin vent copepods OCE-8311201
Guaymas MOCNESS aquisition log OCE-8709962
haplotype_accession_numbers OCE-0648711
HC Data OCE-0623174
HOT Sampling Stations OCE-0648130
HPLC Pigments OCE-1061876
HPLC pigments WB OCE-0241310
HPLC_HPL OCE-9216626
HPLC_HPL OCE-0326268
HPLC_HPL OCE-9729284
HPLC_pigments OCE-0648711
hydrocast Cesium isotopes OCE-1136693
Hydrocasts_nitrate OCE-0447570
Hydrocasts_nitrate OCE-0081686
Hydrography and Nutrients OCE-0726577
ICoMM GPS OCE-0550491
inorganic nutrients OCE-1031064
inorganic nutrients OCE-1031143
Inorganic Sediment Chemistry - PC72 OCE-9301097
Inorganic Sediment Chemisty OCE-9301097
Integrated Acoustic Scattering BIP OCE-1338432
Integrated Acoustic Scattering NH OCE-0851239
inventory OCE-0301139
inventory OCE-0241310
Inventory OCE-9217518
Inventory OCE-9217518
inventory OCE-0241399
inventory OCE-0241023
inventory OCE-0241011
inventory OCE-0241340
invertebrate survey counts OCE-0850707
ITS_sequence_accessions OCE-0727227
jumbo squid time-at-depth OCE-0850839
jumbo squid time-at-depth OCE-0526640
jumbo squid time-at-temperature OCE-0850839
jumbo squid time-at-temperature OCE-0526640
juvenile coral calcification OCE-1041052
juvenile coral calcification OCE-1041106
Kelp Forest Database OCE-1041454
Labyrinthulomycete genetic sequences OCE-0726702
Laser Optical Plankton Counter OCE-1043249
LDEO global surface ocean carbon OCE-1038891
LDEO surface gridded carbon parameters OCE-1038891
Leaf Morphometrics Data OCE-1061823
light_dark_calcification OCE-1041270
Linked Demographic Connectivity Matrices OCE-0648656
lionfish and goby counts OCE-0851162
lionfish cleaner bottle expt OCE-0851162
lionfish collections Cayman 2011 OCE-0851162
lionfish collections Eleuthera OCE-0851162
lionfish collections LSI 09-11 OCE-0851162
lionfish density dependence OCE-0851162
lionfish density effect on behavior OCE-0851162
lionfish density effect on movement OCE-0851162
lionfish density effects on native fish OCE-0851162
lionfish effects on grazing OCE-0851162
lionfish gnathiid experiments OCE-0851162
lionfish growth OCE-0851162
lionfish parasites OCE-0851162
lionfish sightings Cayman 2010 OCE-0851162
lionfish sightings Cayman 2011 OCE-0851162
lionfish sightings Eleuthera OCE-0851162
lionfish sightings LSI 09-11 OCE-0851162
lionfish-goby density expt OCE-0851162
lionfish-goby lab expt OCE-0851162
LIS0507_physical_data OCE-0648711
log OCE-0301139
log_SFX_MV OCE-9911481
log_SFX_PS OCE-9987501
log_SFX_RR OCE-9911481
LOPC OCE-0726271
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-8716726
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-9018392
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-9314798
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-9711529
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-0002317
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-8415615
macroalgal and coral cover OCE-0526361
Macronutrients OCE-0550725
May Pelican Samples OCE-1045115
May Walton Smith Samples OCE-1045115
McLane Pumps - Summary OCE-0726367
mean_calcification OCE-1041270
mesozoo biomass by size class OCE-0826626
mesozoo grazing by size class OCE-0826626
mesozooplankton biomass OCE-0351576
Mesozooplankton Production Estimates OCE-9725976
Metaproteome OCE-0723866
Microbial Counts - Eukaryote OCE-9217518
Microbial Counts - Picophytoplankton OCE-9217518
microcosm_summary OCE-0724017
microzoo_epi_abund OCE-0826626
microzoo_epi_biomass OCE-0826626
MIDAS OCE-1043249
MIDAS OCE-1043261
MIDAS OCE-1043248
MIDAS underway data OCE-0726271
MIT Vane OCE-0726367
MLML Fe OCE-9217518
MOC aqui log sheets OCE-1041068
MOC stations OCE-8709962
MOC stations OCE-8311201
MOC zoop AK-LTOP OCE-0109078
MOCNESS - Data OCE-0927863
MOCNESS - Data OCE-0928139
MOCNESS - Data OCE-0928425
MOCNESS - Depths OCE-0927863
MOCNESS - Depths OCE-0928139
MOCNESS - Depths OCE-0928425
MOCNESS - Stations OCE-0927863
MOCNESS - Stations OCE-0928139
MOCNESS - Stations OCE-0928425
MOCNESS_logs OCE-0928801
MOCNESS_tabs OCE-0928801
Model Results for the Arabian Sea OCE-9818708
Model Results of Si- and Fe-regulated Production in Equatorial Pacific OCE-9802061
Model Results of Si- and Fe-regulated Production in Equatorial Pacific OCE-9802062
Model Results of Si- and Fe-regulated Production in Equatorial Pacific OCE-9712359
Model Results of Si- and Fe-regulated Production in Equatorial Pacific OCE-9802060
Mollusc voucher and accession numbers OCE-0850625
Moorings - ADCP OCE-0239089
Moorings - Locations OCE-0927445
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041240
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1220372
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041244
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1220363
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1061530
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1220412
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041089
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1220338
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041075
Moorings - Metadata OCE-0726983
Moorings - Metadata OCE-0727611
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1061233
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041222
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1061233
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041260
Moorings - Metadata OCE-1041229
Moorings - Metadata OCE-0956197
Moorings - Metadata OCE-0239089
Moorings - Metadata Test OCE-0726983
Moorings - Metadata Test OCE-0727611
Moorings - PRESSURE OCE-0239089
Moorings - Temp Sal O2 pH OCE-0927445
Moorings - TEMPERATURE OCE-0239089
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041240
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1220372
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041244
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1220363
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1220412
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041089
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1220338
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041075
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041222
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1061233
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041260
Moorings - Temperature and pH OCE-1041229
Moorings - WATER TEMP and SALINITY OCE-0239089
Moorings - WIND SPEED OCE-0239089
multicore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825436
multicore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939232
multicore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825791
multicore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939559
multicore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939557
multicore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0826254
Mussel growth rates OCE-0928232
MV1008 event log OCE-0826626
MV1008 Nav OCE-0826626
N2fix_CO2 CTD Profiles OCE-0850827
N2fix_CO2 Water Samples OCE-0850827
natural abundance N and C filter content OCE-0928152
natural abundance N and C filter content OCE-0928232
natural abundance N and C filter content OCE-0928015
NCP Net Comm Prod and Resp OCE-0241310
NCP oxygen evolution OCE-0241310
nep CTD OCE-0000733
nep CTD OCE-9732386
nepsst OCE-9711344
nepsst OCE-0000900
neuston OCE-0000733
NH10_ts6hr OCE-0000733
NH10_uv6hr OCE-0000733
NH1106 CTD OCE-0851239
NH1106 CTD OCE-0850839
NH1106 CTD OCE-0851043
NH1106 Midwater Trawl OCE-0851239
NH1208_alongtrack OCE-1041068
NH4 - Upper water column Ammonium measurements OCE-0934073
Niskin Bottle Hydrography OCE-0628107
Niskin Bottle Hydrography OCE-0628379
Niskin bottle samples unknown CARIACO NSF OCE
Niskin bottle samples OCE-1136693
Niskin bottle samples unknown EDDIES NSF OCE
Niskin bottle samples OCE-0752366
Niskin bottle samples OCE-0926766
Niskin CTD Hydrography OCE-0961900
Niskin CTD Hydrography OCE-0960806
Niskin CTD hydrography OCE-1031143
Niskin CTD hydrography OCE-0825407
Niskin CTD hydrography OCE-0646944
Niskin CTD hydrography - IC1 OCE-0648408
Niskin sample ID log unknown EDDIES NSF OCE
Nitrate Uptake OCE-0826626
Nitrogen and carbon isotopes OCE-0928232
NO2_NO3 OCE-1031064
NO3_PO4_SiO2 OCE-0241310
non-salmon meristics OCE-0002855
NOx - Low level Nitrate Nitrite samples OCE-0934073
Nudibranch accession numbers OCE-0850625
Nutrient Data OCE-0960806
nutrients OCE-1154320
Nutrients - ODF Nutrient Data OCE-0928139
Nutrients - ODF Nutrient Data OCE-0928425
Nutrients - ODF Nutrient Data OCE-0927863
Nutrients - OPA NH4 Data OCE-0928139
Nutrients - OPA NH4 Data OCE-0928425
Nutrients - OPA NH4 Data OCE-0927863
nutrients and ARBS sponge disease OCE-0727996
nutrients and ARBS sponge disease OCE-0727833
nutrients and ARBS sponge disease OCE-0726944
nutrients and chlorophyll OCE-0000733
nutrients and chlorophyll OCE-9732386
nutrients and metals OCE-0452883
Nutrients and Pigments OCE-9981617
Nutrients and Pigments OCE-9981482
nutrients_major OCE-0826626
OAPS Reeve net logs OCE-1041068
oa_zoo_hatch_chemistry OCE-1041081
OC473 alongtrack OCE-1041068
Ocean Margins Program OCE-9818804
October Cape Hatteras Samples OCE-1045115
Oculina coral OA expt OCE-1041106
OGCM/OCMIP-Sarmiento OCE-0097316
opc_ccs_alt OCE-0002257
opc_ccs_nonzero OCE-0002257
opc_ccs_orig OCE-0002257
orgCN OCE-9732386
orgCN OCE-0000733
oxidative stress TEP OCE-0726369
Palau carbonate chemistry OCE-1041106
PAR 1 Data OCE-1061823
PAR 2 Data OCE-1061823
Parameterizations for Organic Matter Oxidation Kinetics OCE-9876533
particle number depth profiles OCE-0826659
Particulate Trace Metals OCE-0223378
Particulate Trace Metals OCE-0649505
Pen Bay Archaeofish OCE-0929900
Pennate growth rate OCE-9217518
percent cover-inverts macroalgae OCE-0850809
Peruvian Zooplankton OCE-0526392
pH OCE-1031064
pH OCE-1031064
pH Data OCE-1061823
phagotrophic protist accession numbers OCE-0647593
Physico-Chemical Data OCE-1230735
Phytoflux_BATS OCE-0752592
Phytoflux_BATS DGGE gel images OCE-0752592
phytoplankton OCE-1031064
Phytoplankton - Diazotroph Station Counts OCE-0934035
Phytoplankton - Microphytoplankton Station Counts OCE-0934035
Phytoplankton - Microphytoplankton Underway Counts OCE-0934035
Phytoplankton - Synechococcus Station Counts OCE-0934035
Phytoplankton abundances OCE-9217518
Phytoplankton abundances OCE-0962309
phytoplankton chl-a OCE-0726271
phytoplankton taxonomy unknown CARIACO NSF OCE
phytopl_epi_abund OCE-0826626
phytopl_epi_biomass OCE-0826626
phyto_growth OCE-0101397
picoeukaryote accession numbers OCE-0623928
picoeukaryote accession numbers OCE-0836721
picophyto_FCM_lab OCE-0826626
picophyto_FCM_ship OCE-0826626
Picoplankton OCE-0728582
Pigments OCE-0728683
pigments OCE-1030345
plankton tow log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825436
plankton tow log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939232
plankton tow log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825791
plankton tow log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939559
plankton tow log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939557
plankton tow log - CROCKS-II OCE-0826254
PO4 - Low level Phosphate samples OCE-0934073
PO4_SiOH4 OCE-1031064
POC OCE-9217518
POC PON isotopes OCE-0826626
POC_PON OCE-0927863
POC_PON OCE-0928139
POC_PON OCE-0928425
POLO-UC1 Magnetic Susceptibility OCE-1241247
Porewater Geochemistry OCE-0647633
PP OCE-0726858
PP - Depth Integrated OCE-0238347
PP - Surface OCE-0238347
PP - Vertical Profiles OCE-0238347
predator surveys Eleuthera OCE-0851162
predator surveys LSI OCE-0851162
primary production OCE-1030345
Prochlorococcus HOT/BATS OCE-0425602
Production OCE-0241662
Proteome data for the Prasinophyte alga Micromonas OCE-0726116
protist and cyanobacteria biomass OCE-1030476
protist cell counts OCE-0826659
Pseudo-nitzschia_fraudulenta_experiments OCE-0850730
Pseudo-nitzschia_multiseries_exp OCE-0850730
Pseudo-nitzschia_multiseries_growth OCE-0850730
Pseudo-nitzschia_multiseries_photosynthesis OCE-0850730
pteropod respiration OCE-1041068
pteropod shell dissolution OCE-1041106
P_globosa_growth OCE-0727997
recruit_growth_area OCE-0844785
recruit_growth_weight OCE-0844785
recruit_survival OCE-0844785
reef disease OCE-1105143
reef disease PR OCE-1105143
reef fish surveys OCE-0851162
reef temp daily OCE-1105143
reef temp monthly OCE-1105143
Remineralization Experiments OCE-0850857
RNASeq Exp5 OCE-0929203
salinity OCE-1031064
salmon meristics OCE-0002855
salmon_biodata OCE-0109078
salmon_energy OCE-0104622
salmon_hauldata OCE-0109078
salmon_juv_diet OCE-0109078
salmon_thermal OCE-0109078
salp_chloro OCE-0002540
salp_swarms OCE-0002540
Sample Locations OCE-0545312
Sample locations of neustonic nudibranch Glaucus spp. OCE-0850625
Sampling Sites OCE-0648656
Sampling Sites OCE-0648193
Sargasso Sea surface bacteria accession numbers OCE-0824981
Sargasso Sea surface bacteria accession numbers OCE-0825468
scanfish OCE-9806375
Seaglider Profiles OCE-0628107
Seaglider Profiles OCE-0628379
Seaglider Tracks OCE-0628379
Seaglider Tracks OCE-0628107
seal_and_prey_fatty_acids OCE-0550443
seal_and_prey_stable_isotopes OCE-0550443
seal_counts_2007 OCE-0550443
seal_counts_2008 OCE-0550443
seal_dive_duration OCE-0550443
seal_dive_time_per_depth OCE-0550443
seal_dive_time_per_temp OCE-0550443
seal_diving_depth OCE-0550443
seal_ID_info OCE-0550443
seal_location_tracking OCE-0550443
seal_prey_by_region OCE-0550443
seal_prey_species_counts OCE-0550443
seasoar_CTD OCE-9813641
seasoar_CTD OCE-9806650
seawater_chemistry OCE-0844785
seaweed growth OCE-0929119
seaweed palatability OCE-0929119
sea_fan_parasite_growth OCE-0849776
sea_fan_parasite_sequences OCE-0849776
sea_fan_sequences OCE-0849776
sea_fan_survey OCE-0849776
Secchi Depth OCE-0526462
secchi depth OCE-1031064
Secchi Depth OCE-0526072
SECM_zoop unknown NEP NSF OCE
Sediment Trap Ballast OCE-0622754
Sediment Trap Carbon and Nitrogen OCE-0622754
sediment trap flux OCE-0118566
sediment trap flux OCE-9729697
sediment trap flux OCE-9401537
sediment trap flux OCE-1030149
sediment trap flux OCE-0118491
Sediment Trap Mass Flux OCE-0622754
Sediment Traps OCE-0826626
sediment_cores OCE-0961920
sedtrapflux OCE-0301139
seep colonization OCE-0939559
seep colonization OCE-0939557
seep colonization OCE-0826254
seep colonization OCE-0825436
seep colonization OCE-0939232
seep colonization OCE-0825791
seep isotopes OCE-0939232
seep isotopes OCE-0825436
seep isotopes OCE-0825791
seep isotopes OCE-0939559
seep isotopes OCE-0939557
seep isotopes OCE-0826254
seep species abundance OCE-0825436
seep species abundance OCE-0939232
seep species abundance OCE-0825791
seep species abundance OCE-0939559
seep species abundance OCE-0939557
seep species abundance OCE-0826254
seep specimens OCE-0826254
seep specimens OCE-0825436
seep specimens OCE-0939232
seep specimens OCE-0825791
seep specimens OCE-0939559
seep specimens OCE-0939557
seep stations OCE-0939557
seep stations OCE-0826254
seep stations OCE-0825436
seep stations OCE-0939232
seep stations OCE-0825791
seep stations OCE-0939559
seep transplant OCE-0939559
seep transplant OCE-0939557
seep transplant OCE-0826254
seep transplant OCE-0825436
seep transplant OCE-0939232
seep transplant OCE-0825791
September Pelican Samples OCE-1045115
sequence_accessions OCE-0926421
sequence_accessions OCE-0926372
Series 1: Abiotic TEP Formation - DIC Perturbation OCE-0926711
Series 1: Abiotic TEP Formation - TA Perturbation OCE-0926711
Series 2: CO2 Aggregation Experiment - Aggregate Sinking Velocity OCE-0926711
Series 2: CO2 Aggregation Experiment - Aggregate Size OCE-0926711
Series 2: CO2 Aggregation Experiment - BioChemical OCE-0926711
Series 2: CO2 Aggregation Experiment - Carbonate System OCE-0926711
Series 2: CO2 Aggregation Experiment - General Information OCE-0926711
Series 2: CO2 Aggregation Experiment - pH Data OCE-0926711
Series 3: Skeletonema marinoi growth and aggregation - Aggregation Phase OCE-0926711
Series 3: Skeletonema marinoi growth and aggregation - Cell Growth Phase OCE-0926711
Series 4: Aggregation of Thalassiosira weissflogii as a function of pCO2, temperature and bacteria: Acclimatisation Phase - Carbonate System OCE-0926711
SH70 SAMI pCO2 OCE-0956197
Shark dive profiles OCE-0825148
Shark track estimates OCE-0825148
Shoot Counts Data OCE-1061823
Simulations of Oxygen Variability in the North Pacific OCE-0095106
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism OCE-1041222
Skeletal Mineralogy - Carbonate Chemistry OCE-1031995
Skeletal Mineralogy - Summary data for mineralogy and calcite Mg/Ca OCE-1031995
Skeletal Mineralogy - XRD Data Table OCE-1031995
SOLOPC - CTD Profiles OCE-0927863
SOLOPC - CTD Profiles OCE-0928139
SOLOPC - CTD Profiles OCE-0928425
SOLOPC - Stations OCE-0927863
SOLOPC - Stations OCE-0928139
SOLOPC - Stations OCE-0928425
SOLOPC - UnProcessed Data OCE-0927863
SOLOPC - UnProcessed Data OCE-0928139
SOLOPC - UnProcessed Data OCE-0928425
species list OCE-0851162
squid chemistry OCE-1041106
squid CO2 OCE-1041106
squid hatch rates OCE-1041106
squid mantle length OCE-1041106
squid statolith OCE-1041106
SRiMP OCE-0545312
sss OCE-9313670
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-0927512
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-9819324
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-9902660
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-9902658
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-0352291
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-0352208
Standard Stations - LGL - All Projects OCE-0927277
Standard Stations - SINC OCE-0927277
Standard Stations - SINC OCE-0927512
Station List OCE-9217518
Station Locations OCE-0825600
Station Log OCE-0726367
station logs OCE-0829512
Stations Occupied OCE-1230735
Stillwater Cove temperature time series OCE-0752523
subtidal temperature OCE-1061475
Sup_Aug-09-carbon OCE-0825600
Sup_Aug-10-carbon OCE-0825600
Sup_June-09-carbon OCE-0825600
Sup_May-10-carbon OCE-0825600
surface drifters OCE-1136693
switch competition OCE-0962309
Synechococcus_ETSP OCE-0825922
Synechococcus_ETSP OCE-0943319
Synechococcus_QPCR OCE-0825922
temperature OCE-1031064
Temperature and light data - Strait of Juan de Fuca OCE-0928232
Temperature Data OCE-0648193
Temperature Data OCE-1061823
Temperature Data OCE-0648656
Temperature Profiles OCE-0647633
Th-234 activity OCE-0826626
Thalassinid hydraulics and oxygen dynamics OCE-0928002
Thalassiosira wessiflogii growth rate and TEP OCE-0726369
Thaps_57Fe_distribution OCE-0727889
thorium WB bottle OCE-0241310
thorium WB pumps OCE-0241310
thorium WB traps OCE-0241310
TI700 alongtrack OCE-1316040
TI700 eventlog OCE-1316040
TI715 alongtrack OCE-1316040
TI715 eventlog OCE-1316040
TI725 alongtrack OCE-1316040
TI725 eventlog OCE-1316040
TI729 alongtrack OCE-1316040
TI729 eventlog OCE-1316040
TI746 alongtrack OCE-1316040
TI746 eventlog OCE-1316040
tidepool ammonium and mussels OCE-0928232
tidepool ammonium and mussels OCE-0928015
tidepool ammonium and mussels OCE-0928152
tidepool incubation ammonium OCE-0928232
tidepool incubation ammonium OCE-0928015
tidepool incubation ammonium OCE-0928152
Tioga CTD log OCE-1316040
Tioga MOCNESS logs OCE-1316040
Tioga Reeve logs OCE-1316040
Tioga VPR logs OCE-1316040
Tomales_Line_Time_Series OCE-0927255
total coral cover OCE-9018392
total coral cover OCE-9314798
total coral cover OCE-9711529
total coral cover OCE-0002317
total coral cover OCE-8415615
total coral cover OCE-0526361
total coral cover OCE-8716726
trace_metal_microarray OCE-0727997
Transmissometer_GTC OCE-0927064
Transmissometer_ODF OCE-0927064
Trap Flux OCE-0241662
trawl catch - CCS OCE-0002855
trawl catch - GoA OCE-0109078
trawl catch CTD - CGoA OCE-0109078
trawl_catch_fishlen - CGOA unknown NEP NSF OCE
Tricho N Atlantic - OC469 OCE-0925284
Tricho N Atlantic - OC471 OCE-0925284
trichodesmium_CNP_quotas OCE-0850730
trichodesmium_fixation OCE-0850730
trichodesmium_growth OCE-0850730
tsunami debris mussels OCE-1266417
tubecore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825436
tubecore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939232
tubecore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0825791
tubecore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939559
tubecore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0939557
tubecore log - CROCKS-II OCE-0826254
tucker and bongo net metadata - CGoA OCE-0109078
tucker catch - CGoA LTOP OCE-0109078
turbidity OCE-1031064
T_pseudonana_growth OCE-0727997
underway - AT21-01 OCE-1031050
underway - AT26-15 OCE-1031050
Underway - MET OCE-0927863
Underway - MET OCE-0928139
Underway - MET OCE-0928425
underway Cesium Isotopes OCE-1136693
Underway Data OCE-0728582
Underway Data OCE-0430724
Underway Data - Filtered - AN10 OCE-0934095
Underway Data - Unfiltered - AN10 OCE-0934095
Underway Nav OCE-0526462
Underway Nav OCE-0526072
Underway Nav (5) OCE-0526072
Underway Nav (5) OCE-0526462
underway_met OCE-9732386
underway_met OCE-0000733
underway_met_NH OCE-0000733
Underway_nitrate OCE-0447570
Underway_nitrate OCE-0081686
urchin density OCE-0850809
Urchin Fertilization Studies OCE-0927445
Variability Estimates OCE-9217518
vent chemistry OCE-1123871
Vent Fluid Chemistry OCE-0926199
Vent Fluid Chemistry OCE-0929167
Vertical Plankton Tow - VPT OCE-0000733
Vertical Plankton Tow - VPT OCE-9732386
Video Plankton Recorder raw data OCE-0925284
Viral Counts - AN10 OCE-0934095
VPR cast sheets OCE-1041068
w0005 seasoar CTD OCE-0001035
w0008 seasoar CTD OCE-0001035
water and sediment geochemistry OCE-0851435
water temp sal cond - FHL OCE-0850809
water temperature - FHL OCE-0850809
water_samples OCE-0961920
wind_stress OCE-9634171
wind_stress OCE-9632758
WP2 net metadata - CGoA LTOP OCE-0109078
WS1005 cruise track OCE-0926421
WS1010_CTD OCE-1043225
Zooplankton - Copepod Egg Production OCE-0239107
Zooplankton - Euphausiid Egg Production OCE-0239107
Zooplankton - Euphausiid Growth Rates OCE-0239107
Zooplankton Abundance OCE-0934036
zooplankton abundance OCE-0350970
Zooplankton Biomass OCE-0934036
zooplankton biomass unknown CARIACO NSF OCE
zooplankton dispvols MOC GoMaine OCE-0928801
Zooplankton Gut Fluorescence OCE-0934036
zoo_cb_meter_bongo OCE-9313677
zoo_cb_meter_moc OCE-9313677
zoo_cb_meter_pump OCE-9313677
zoo_dv_Bongo OCE-9310599
zoo_dv_Bongo OCE-9310577
zoo_dv_MOC OCE-9310599
zoo_dv_MOC OCE-9310577
zoo_pump OCE-9313669
zoo_sq_meter_bongo OCE-9313677
zoo_sq_meter_moc OCE-9313677
zoo_sq_meter_pump OCE-9313677