Project Acronym Start Date End Date
A Matter of Life or Death? Assessing the physiological roles of PCD-related genes to stress adaptation in diatoms Diatom PCD genes 2009-09 2013-08
A mechanistic understanding of the impacts of ocean acidification on the early life stages of marine bivalves Mechanisms of bivalve response to acidification 2010-10 2014-09
A new center for ultrahigh resolution mass spectrometry in the geosciences ultrahigh res mass spec
A study of the sensitivity of Sub-Antarctic Zone waters to global change SAZ-SENSE
Acidification of the Coastal Ocean: Are deep waters of the Gulf of Maine already corrosive to pteropods? GoME OA Pteropods 2012-06 2014-06
Algal Communities in Distress: Impacts and Consequences ACIDIC 2011-04 2014-03
Amazon iNfluence on the Atlantic: CarbOn export from Nitrogen fixation by DiAtom Symbioses ANACONDAS 2010-01 2012-08
An Integrated Study of Energy Metabolism, Carbon Fixation, and Colonization Mechanisms in Chemosynthetic Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents Microbial Communities at Deep-Sea Vents 2011-10 2014-09
An Integrative Approach to Managing the Dewatering of Estuaries DewaterEst 2008-01
An Investigation of the Role of Nutrition in the Coral Calcification Response to Ocean Acidification OA Nutrition and Coral Calcification 2010-10 2013-09
Anammox, denitrification and nitrogen fixation in the Black Sea Anammox Black Sea 2008-03 2011-02
Aplysina Red Band Syndrome: Investigating the etiology, pathogenesis, and ecology of an emerging marine disease Etiology of ARBS sponge disease 2007-11 2011-10
Application of a novel geochemical approach to the alkalinity anomaly method of estimating coral reef calcification rates: implications of ocean acidification Implications of Ocean Acidification 2008-10 2012-09
Are abundant bacteria more active than rare bacteria in the Sargasso Sea? Active bacteria in surface waters 2008-10 2012-09
Assessing effects of ecosystem fragmentation using novel metrics of trophic structure ecosytem_fragmentation 2008-03 2013-02
Assessing the Ecophysiological and Biogeochemical Response to Deliberate Nutrient Loading in the Southern California Bight SoCalPlumeEx2012 2012-08 2013-07
Atlantic Meridional Transect programme AMT
Australian Integrated Marine Observing System Facility-Southern Ocean Time Series IMOS-SOTS
Autotrophic carbon fixation at a shallow-water hydrothermal system: Constraining microbial activity, isotopic and geochemical regimes hydrothermal autotrophic carbon fixation 2011-08 2011-10
Basin-scale distribution and activity of deep-sea protists in the North Atlantic Ocean Basin-scale Protists 2008-08 2013-07
Benthic Dinoflagellate Migration: Occurrence and Processes BenDiM 2007-08 2012-07
Benthic Ecology of Soft Sediments Associated with Hydrothermal Vents Vent Benthos 1984-01 1988-02
Bermuda Atlantic Time-series Study BATS 1988-10 2013-08
BErmuda ocean Acidification and COral reef iNvestigation BEACON 2009-10 2012-09
Biocomplexity of Aquatic Microbial Systems BAMS 2001-01 2004-12
Biogeochemical Impact and Fate of Non-phosphorus Membrane Lipids in the Sargasso Sea SargassoSeaLipids 2010-09 2013-08
Biogeochemistry of nitrous oxide cycling in the eastern tropical South Pacific N2O Cycling 2005-01 2006-01
Biological Controls on the Ocean C:N:P ratios Biological C:N:P ratios 2011-01 2015-12
Biological response to regime shifts and ENSO events in the Peruvian Humboldt Current ecosystem PCE 2005-09 2009-08
Biology and Ecology of Newly Discovered Diazotrophs in the Open Ocean DIAZOTROPHS 2004-08 2010-08
Blue Water Zone BWZ 2005-09 2008-09
Bodega Ocean Acidification Research BOAR 2009-08 2013-07
Boundary Sources and Sinks of 230Th, 232Th and 231Pa in the NW Pacific Sources-Sinks Th-Pa 2010-09 2013-08
Building the Foundation in N. California Current Shelf-Slope-Oceanic Ecosystems CalCurEco 2008-01
Calcification in low saturation seawater: What can we learn from organisms in the proximity of low pH, undersaturated submarine springs? Calcification in Low Sat Seawater 2010-09 2014-08
California Current Ecosystem Long Term Ecological Research site CCE LTER 2004-07
CAMEO 2009- A novel tool for validating trophic position estimates in ecosystem-based fisheries models trophic_position 2010-08 2014-07
CAMEO: Building the Foundation: An End-to-End Modeling Workshop CAMWkshp 2008-01
CAMEO: Comparative Approaches to Predicting the Consequences of an Impending Re-Invasion: Top Predator Effects on Californian Near-Shore Fisheries SeaOtterReInv 2010-07 2013-06
CAMEO: Fish productivity and fishing impacts compared across a range of marine ecosystems FishingImpactsEcosystems 2010-08 2013-07
Canyon Krill Canyon Krill 2009-07 2013-07
Carbon Dioxide Dynamics in Mode Water of the North Atlantic Ocean CarboMODE 2007-04 2010-03
Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center - Global Ocean CO2 CDIAC Ocean CO2 1993-08
CAREER: Nitrate Isotopes and Biogeochemistry; A Plan for coupling CAREER 2005-09 2011-08
CARIACO Ocean Time-Series Program CARIACO 1995-11
Cell to cell communication in marine phytoplankton: population density dependent control of cellular processes PhytoplanktonQS 2011-07 2013-12
Census of Marine Zooplankton-2004-2010 CMarZ_2004-2010 2004-01 2010-01
Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education C-MORE 2006-08 2016-07
Center for Oceanographic Research in the Eastern South Pacific COPAS 2002-03
Changes in Baseline Conditions in Gulf of Maine Coastal Ecosystems Over the Last 4000 Years Isotopes and Fish Diets GoM 2009-10 2013-09
Changing Phytoplankton Trace Metal Requirements in a High CO2 Ocean PhytoTM_in_HighCO2 2009-08 2012-07
Chemo-Denitrification Reactions in Suboxic Environments Suboxic Black Sea 2000-10 2005-09
Clarke-Bumpus Georges Bank CBGB 1939-09 1941-06
Climate Change and Biogeography: Effects of Extreme Events EUROWINTER2 2011-09 2014-08
Climatological Mean Distribution of pH in Surface Waters in the Unified pH Scale and Mean Rate of changes in Selected Areas Climatological Mean Distribution of pH 2011-01 2012-12
CO2 control of oceanic nitrogen fixation and carbon flow through diazotrophs Diaz N2-Fix in High CO2 2007-05 2012-12
Cobalt, Iron and Micro-organisms from the Upwelling zone to the Gyre CoFeMUG 2005-03 2008-03
Coccolithophores of the Patagonian Shelf 2008 COPAS08 2007-09 2010-08
Cold Core Rings CCR 1972-09
Community Phylogeny and Global Phylogeography of the Neuston Neuston Phylogeny 2009-06 2013-09
Comparative Dynamics of Ecosystem Components from the Northeast Atlantic Shelf and Pacific Coast: New Approaches to Forecasting and Understanding Variability and Structure in Marine Ecosystems EcoCompDyn 2008-01
Composition of the plankton community and its contribution to particle flux in the Sargasso Sea Plankton particle flux 2008-05 2012-04
Connecting local, regional and global scales of gene flow in planktonic marine diatoms Diatom Gene Flow 2007-10 2013-09
Connecting Trace Elements and Metalloenzymes Across Marine Biogeochemical Gradients MetZyme 2010-09 2013-08
Connectivity in western Atlantic seep populations: Oceanographic and life-history processes underlying genetic structure SEEPC 2010-10 2014-09
Connectivity of disease in marine Ecosystems: multi-scale dynamics of a viral disease infecting caribbean spiny lobster Lobster disease connectivity 2009-09 2013-08
Controls of Ross Sea Algal Community Structure CORSACS 2005-12 2006-12
Coral Reef Primary Production and Calcification CRPPC 2007-11 2010-10
Decadal Variation in Antarctic Marine Benthic Ecosystems McMurdo Marine Benthos 2009-08 2013-09
Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Marine Snow and Sedimentation GoMX - DHOS Marine Snow and Sedimentation 2010-07 2012-07
Detecting genetic adaptation during marine invasions Genetic Adaptation Marine Inv 2014-03 2017-02
Determining growth rates of specific bacterioplankton Assessing Roseobacter activities 2007-07 2007-07
Determining rates of group-specific phytoplankton and bacterial uptake of inorganic and organic nitrogen by means of stable isotope techniques Marine Nitrogen Cycling by Stable Isotope Probing 2010-06 2013-05
Development of geochemical proxies to evaluate larval pH-exposure history OA_Proxies 2011-06 2013-05
Dimensions: The Role of Viruses in Structuring Biodiversity in Methanotrophic Marine Ecosystems Viruses in Methanotrophic Marine Ecosystems 2011-01 2014-12
Dimensions: Uncovering the novel diversity of the copepod microbiome and its effect on habitat invasions by the copepod host Copepod Microbiome 2010-11 2015-10
DIMES, Diapycnal and Isopycnal Mixing in the Southern Ocean DIMES 2007-06 2010-05
Dinitrogen fixation rates and diazotrophic communities in contrasting oxygen regimes of the Eastern Pacific Ocean N2 Fixation in ETP 2014-09 2017-08
Discovery of viruses infecting marine Copepoda Viruses in Copepods 2010-10 2013-09
Dispersal and Life History Dynamics in Benthic Foraminifera Foram Dispersal 2009-06 2012-05
Dissolved Organic Matter Composition in the Deep Atlantic Ocean Deep Atlantic DOM 2012-02 2015-01
Diversity and dynamics of planktonic ciliates - what can next-generation sequencing technologies tell us? CiliateSequencing 2012-07 2014-08
Diversity and ecology of marine RNA viruses Diversity and ecology of marine RNA viruses 2008-09 2011-08
Do interactions between vertically and horizontally transported particles measurably affect particle composition and flux to the sediments? A mechanistic approach. BaRFlux 2011-04 2014-03
Do Parallel Patterns Arise from Parallel Processes? PaPaPro 2013-01 2017-12
Do sediment-dwelling species have large ranges along a continental slope? Species' ranges 2008-08 2013-07
Documenting bleaching susceptibility and resilience in Guam, Micronesia Reef Resilience in Guam 2014-01 2014-12
Does coupling between the inner shelf and surf zone regulate larval supply to intertidal populations? Surf zone larval transport 2010-01 2014-12
Does larval transport or physiological tolerance set the southern range boundary of a northern blue mussel? MuLTI 2010-06 2012-12
DOP Utilization in the Sargasso Sea: Quantifying Taxon-specific Rates of Hydrolysis and Uptake ATP3 2005-04 2009-03
EAGER: Initiation of a pH/pCO2-sensing mooring platform on the Oregon coast EAGER 2009-08 2011-07
Eastern Tropical Pacific ETP 2006-08 2011-07
ECOHAB - Pacific Northwest ECOHAB-PNW 2002-09 2009-11
Ecological Release and Resistance at Sea: Invasion of Atlantic Coral Reefs by Pacific Lionfish Lionfish Invasion 2009-06 2012-11
EcoMon Zooplankton EcoMon Zooplankton 1977-02
Ecotypic Diversity and Adaptation of Prochlorococcus in the Stratified, High Temperature Waters of the Western Pacific Warm Pool WP2 2006-01 2010-12
Eddies Dynamics, Mixing, Export, and Species composition EDDIES 2004-06 2005-09
Effect of Temperature on Extracellular Polymeric Substance Production (EPS) by Diatoms Diatom EPS Production 2007-09 2012-08
Effects of Disturbance and Larval Supply on Communities at Hydrothermal Vents Larval supply at EPR vents 2014-03 2016-02
Effects of Marine Preserves on Rocky Subtidal Communities Subtidal Preserves 2009-07 2013-06
Effects of Ocean Acidification on Coastal Organisms: An Ecomaterials Perspective OA - Ecomaterials Perspective 2010-09 2013-08
Effects of ocean climate change on recruitment of kelp populations Climate Change Kelp 2008-05 2013-04
Effects on Morphology and Mineralogy in Otoliths of Larval Reef Fish OA-OTO MIN 2012-08 2014-07
El Nino and the controls of marine virus diversity El Nino and virus diversity 2009-12 2010-11
En-Gen: A functional genomic analysis of how a major calcifying phytoplankter responds to ocean acidification predicted for the end of the century En-Gen OA and E huxleyi 2007-10 2012-09
En-Gen: A Functional Genomics Approach to Organic Sulfur Cycling in the Ocean En-Gen DMSP Cycling 2007-10 2012-09
Environmental Variability, Functional Redundancy, and the Maintenance of Ecological Processes: Experiments in a Model Ecosystem Experiments in a Model Ecosystem 2012-01 2014-12
Establishing Radionuclide Levels in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans Originating from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Facility Fukushima Radionuclide Levels 2011-05 2012-04
European Iron Enrichment Experiment EISENEX 2000-10 2000-12
European Iron Fertilization Experiment EIFEX 2004-01 2004-03
Evolution in the North Atlantic Basin ENAB 2007-09 2010-08
Examining Impacts on Squid Paralarval Development, Behavior, and Survival OA Squid Rearing 2011-06 2011-08
Experimental studies to understand and evaluate acclimation of marine plankton assemblages to increased CO2 and temperature Plankton acclimation 2010-04 2013-03
Experimentally linking identification and function of marine bacteria Marine Bacteria 2007-02 2011-01
Exploratory application of single-molecule real time (SMRT) DNA sequencing in microbial ecology research PacBio sequencing in microbial ecology 2011-09 2014-08
Expression profiling and functional genomics of a pennate diatom: Mechanisms of iron acquisition, stress acclimation, and recovery Pennate Diatom Genomics 2007-09 2011-08
FeCycle II- Natural variability in plankton iron quotas during an unamended Lagrangian experiment FeCycle II 2008-08 2010-07
Feeding responses of marine phagotrophic protists: cell biological mechanisms Feeding responses of marine protists 2007-03 2012-02
Function, activity, and adaptation of microbial communities in geochemically diverse subseafloor habitats AXIAL 2009-09 2010-09
Gene Expression Patterns in High CO2-Adapted Trichodesmium Trichodesmium in High CO2 2011-08 2013-03
Geochemical effects on the functional microbial community dynamics of hyrothermal deposits along the Eastern Lau Spreading Center Functional microbial dynamics of vent deposits 2012-09 2015-08
GEOTRACES InterCalibration GEOTRACES IC 2008-06 2009-06
GEOTRACES: Intercalibration of Phosphate Oxygen Isotope Analyses and Sample Processing Techniques GEOTRACES: Intercal Phosphate Oxygen 2008-08 2011-09
Global Ocean Survey of Dissolved Iron and Aluminum and Aerosol Iron and Aluminum Solubility Supporting the Repeat Hydrography (CO2) Project CLIVAR AEROSOL 2003-02 2006-09
Groundwater Discharge, Benthic Coupling and Microalgal Community Structure in a Shallow Coastal Lagoon LittleLagoonGroundwater 2010-03 2014-08
Gulf of Maine Krill Krill GoME 2010-01 2011-12
Gulf of Mexico NACP-OCB Coastal Synthesis GoMX - NACP-OCB 2008-06
Hawaii Ocean Time-series (HOT): Sustaining ocean ecosystem and climate observations in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre HOT 1988-07 2013-07
High Resolution Linkages Between DOC Turnover and Bacterioplankton in a Coastal Ocean SIMCO 2014-01 2016-12
Historic freshwater input and hypoxia effects on zooplankton populations of the northern Gulf of Mexico Hypoxia effects on zooplankton populations 2011-08 2013-07
History and Future of Coastal Upwelling Modes and Biological Responses in the California Current California Current upwelling modes 2011-09 2013-05
Horizontal and Vertical Distribution of Thecosome Pteropods in Relation to Carbonate Chemistry in the Northwest Atlantic and Northeast Pacific OAPS 2010-10 2013-09
How important is quote old unquote Carbon in Lake Superior. A Radiocarbon Investigation Lake Superior Radiocarbon 2008-09 2011-08
Hydrography Hydrography 1977-01
Hypoxia and the ecology, behavior and physiology of jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas Jumbo Squid Physiology 2009-08 2013-07
Icebreaker Oden: ASPIRE (Amundsen Sea Polynya International Research Expedition) ASPIRE 2009-08 2012-01
Impact of Climate Warming and Ocean Carbonation on Eelgrass (Zostera marina L.) Impact of Climate on Eelgrass 2011-02 2015-02
Impact of ocean acidification on survival of early life stages of planktonic copepods in the genus Calanus OA Calanus Survival 2010-11 2013-10
Impact of the 2010 Caribbean Coral Bleaching Event: Assessing Changes in Coral Immune Function Climate_Corals_Bleach_Disease 2010-12 2012-11
Impacts of Evolution on the Response of Phytoplankton Populations to Rising CO2 P-ExpEv 2013-06 2017-05
Impacts on copepod populations mediated by changes in prey quality OA-Copepod_PreyQual 2013-01 2015-12
Implication of ANAMMOX community structure and microbial interactions in estuarine N removal processes Estuarine ANAMMOX 2009-06 2013-05
Importance of Winter Upwelling to California Current Ecosystem Dynamics Importance of winter upwelling 2009-09 2011-08
Improved observations and understanding of northeast Pacific coastal CO2 fluxes OCB-039 2008-04 2012-03
Influence of continental margin iron on phytoplankton species composition and production in the northern Gulf of Alaska Northern Gulf of Alaska Phytoplankton 2007-08 2011-07
Influence of Temperature and Acidification on the Dynamics of Coral Co-Infection and Resistance Climate_CoralDisease 2009-08 2012-07
Integrating field methods and numerical models to quantify the links between larval transport, connectivity, and population dynamics TRANSPORT 2008-06 2014-09
Interannual Variability of Coastal Phytoplankton Blooms in the Gulf of Maine and Their Relationships to Local and Remote Forcings Phytoplankton Blooms 2007-10 2013-09
International Indian Ocean Expedition IIOE 1960-01 1965-01
Investigation of the Effects of CACO3 Saturation State and Temperature on the Calcification Rate and Skeletal Properties of Benthic Marine Calcifiers OA - Ocean Acidification and Warming Impact on Calcification 2010-09 2013-08
Investigations into the Physiological State of DHAB Metazoans DHAB Metazoans 2011-03 2013-02
Investigations of Alexandrium fundyense dynamics in the Gulf of Maine ALEX-GoME 2003-01 2010-12
Iron Cycling in Costa Rica Upwelling Dome and Eastern Tropical South Pacific Iron Cycling in Costa Rica and ETSP 2009-01 2011-12
Iron Experiment I IronExI 1993-10 1993-11
Iron Experiment II IronExII 1995-05 1995-06
Iron limitation, carbon metabolism and siderophore production in marine bacteria - a systems biology approach Iron regulation in Vibrio 2009-08 2013-07
Iron storage in diatoms and N2 fixing cyanobacteria: mechanisms, regulation and biogeochemical significance Mechanisms of Fe storage in phytoplankton 2007-09 2012-08
Kelp forest interaction webs in the Aleutian Archipelago: patterns and mechanism of change following the collapse of an apex predator Aleutian Archipelago - collapse of an apex predator 2007-04 2011-03
Killer Seaweeds: Allelopathy against Fijian Corals Killer Seaweeds 2009-09 2014-08
Labyrinthulomycete diversity and abundance LabyLI 2007-09 2012-08
LIDAR Studies of Lateral Dispersion in the Seasonal Pycnocline LatMix 2008-11 2011-10
Life in the Dead Zone: Microbial respiration, production, diversity and gene expression in seasonally anoxic estuarine waters LiDZ 2010-03 2014-02
Linking infaunal hydraulic activities, porewater flow and biogeochemical processes in marine sediments Infaunal Hydraulics 2009-09 2013-08
Lipid lubrication of oceanic carbon and sulfur biogeochemistry via a host-virus chemical arms race LipidLubeCarbCycle 2011-03 2014-02
Long Bay Wintertime Bloom Long Bay Bloom 2010-10 2013-09
Long Duration AUVs as tools to explore Mesoscale feature aggregate interactions (MAGI) Project MAGI 2014-02 2015-01
LTREB Long-term coral reef community dynamics in St. John, USVI: 1987-2019 St. John LTREB 2009-05 2014-04
Macrophyte-induced variability in coastal ocean pH and consequences for invertebrate larvae SeapHOx 2009-10 2012-09
Marine microgels: A microlayer source of summer CCN in high Arctic open lead Marine Microgels 2007-09 2011-08
Mechanisms controlling the production and fate of DOM during diatom blooms SBDOM 2009-04 2013-03
Mechanisms for low-frequency variability of forage fish: A comparative analysis of North Pacific sardine systems ForageFish 2008-01
MedFlux collaborative research project MedFlux 2003-03 2006-06
Membrane vesicles produced by marine bacteria: origins, distributions, and functions Bacteria membrane vesicles 2014-02 2017-01
Microbial carbon and sulfur cycling in the hydrothermally altered sediments of Guaymas Basin Guaymas Basin Vents 2007-06 2012-05
Microbial Carbon cycling and its interactions with Sulfur and Nitrogen transformations in Guaymas Basin hydrothermal sediments Guaymas Basin interactions 2014-02 2017-01
Microbial Initiative in Low Oxygen areas off Concepción and Oregon MI-LOCO 2009-01 2011-09
Microbial Interactions with Marine Plastic Debris: Diversity, Function and Fate Plastisphere 2012-03 2015-02
Micronekton of the Cariaco Basin: Adaptation to a severe oxygen minimum CARIACO-micronek 2007-08 2013-09
Moorea Coral Reef Long-Term Ecological Research site MCR LTER 2004-09
Natural Laboratories in the Chilean Fjords: Studying Reproduction and Development in Emergent Deep-Sea Corals ChileDeepCoral 2012-03 2014-03
Nearshore larval transport: physical and biological processes Nearshore larval transport 2014-01 2016-12
New insights into the response of reef corals to climate change using the symbiont to host cell ratio as a metric of bleaching susceptibility Reef coral symbioses 2014-02 2017-01
New molecular methods for studying copepod nauplii in the field EAGER: Copepod nauplii 2013-01 2014-12
New Production During Winter Convective Mixing Events NP 2003-09 2007-09
New statistical tools for analyzing community dynamics with applications to marine zooplankton StatsCommDyn 2008-01
NGOMEX - Living Marine Resources of the Northern Gulf of Mexico GoMX - NGOMEX 2003-01
Nishida-Pacific-Oithona Nishida-Oithona
Nitrogen fixation, nutrient supply and biological production in the Gulf of Mexico GoMX - N2 Fixation 2009-10 2012-10
North Atlantic Bloom Experiment 2008 NAB 2008 2006-10 2011-09
North Atlantic Spring Bloom 2005 NASB 2005 2004-11 2007-08
Northeast Consortium: Cooperative Research NEC-CoopRes 1999-01
Northeast Consortium: Project Development NEC_ProjDev 1999-01
Ocean Acidification, Hypoxia and Warming: Experimental Investigations into Compounded Effects of Global Change on Benthic Foraminifera OA, Hypoxia and Warming 2012-09 2015-08
Ocean Acidification- Category 1- The effects of ocean acidification on the organismic biology and community ecology of corals, calcified algae, and coral reefs OA_Corals 2011-01 2014-12
Ocean Acidification: Scope for Resilience to Ocean Acidification in Macroalgae Seaweed OA Resilience 2013-06 2016-05
Ocean Margin Ecosystems Group for Acidification Studies: Acclimation and adaptation to ocean acidification of key ecosystem components in the California Current System OMEGAS-MaS 2010-04 2013-09
Ocean's dark energy: Global inventory of chemoautotrophs in the aphotic realm Dark ocean chemoautotrophs 2012-09 2015-08
Oceanic diazotroph community structure and activities in a high carbon dioxide world DIAZOTROPHS-CO2 2009-07 2012-06
Oceanographic control and global distributions of subseafloor microbial life and activity Subseafloor Microbial Life 2008-09 2012-08
Oligotrophic phytoplankton community response to changes in N substrates and the resulting impact on genetic, taxonomic and functional diversity Phyto response to N substrates 2013-01 2015-12
Ontogenic change in Cnidarian-algal symbioses: A genomic and ecologic perspective Ontogenic change in Cnidarian-algal symbioses 2010-01 2013-12
Optical and Nutrient Dependence of Quantum Efficiency ON DEQUE 2006-08 2009-08
ORI-Historical ORI_Historical
Palmer Antarctica Long Term Ecological Research site Palmer LTER 1990-10
Particle Transport and Carbon Export over the Northwest Atlantic Margin Carbon Export 2009-09 2012-08
Patterns of Larval Dispersal and Postsettlement Selection Shaping Connectivity of Oyster Populations Along an Ecotone Oyster Connectivity 2007-08 2012-03
Phosphorus Bioavailability and its Effect on the Role of Trichodesmium in Elemental Cycling Phosphorus Bioavailability 2006-07 2010-10
Physiological and genetic responses of the deep-water coral, Lophelia pertusa, to ongoing ocean acidification in the Gulf of Mexico Lophelia OA 2012-09 2015-08
Physiological limits to vertical migrations of the pelagic, jumbo squid, Dosidicus gigas in the Gulf of California Jumbo Squid Vertical Migration 2005-09 2009-09
Physiological Mechanisms for CO2-sensing and Related Intracellular Signaling Pathways in Corals Coral CO2 Sensing 2012-08 2016-07
Pickled Protists or Community Uniquely Adapted to Hypersalinity? Pickled Protists 2009-02 2012-03
Pivers Island Coastal Observatory PICO 2010-06
Plankton Community Composition and Trophic Interactions as Modifiers of Carbon Export in the Sargasso Sea Trophic BATS 2010-10 2013-09
Plankton Community Structure and Iron Distribution in the Southern Drake Passage and Scotia Sea Ant2006 2006-01 2006-08
Population ecology of Salpa thompsoni based on molecular indicators Salp_Antarctic 2011-06 2014-05
Possible climate-induced change in the distribution of Pleuragramma antarcticum on the Western Antarctic Peninsula Shelf W Antarctic silverfish 2008-09 2013-08
Primary Production and Grazing Dynamics In the Ultra-Oligotrophic Waters of Lake Superior CARGO 2007-07 2009-07
Primary Production Model Intercomparison: Primary Production Algorithm Round Robin 4 PPARR4
Processes Regulating Iron Supply at the Mesoscale - Ross Sea PRISM-RS 2011-07 2014-06
Processes, feedbacks and air-sea carbon dioxide exchange in the land-coastal ocean system OCB-021 2008-04 2012-07
Protistan Abundance, Diversity and Activity in the Deep-Sea and at Hydrothermal Vents PROTISTS 2006-09 2010-09
Quantification of Trichodesmium spp. vertical and horizontal abundance patterns and nitrogen fixation in the western North Atlantic Trichodesmium 2009-12 2012-11
Quantifying the importance of biological factors in the estimation of larval connectivity and population dynamics in the coastal ocean larval connectivity 2012-02 2015-01
Quantifying the role of Group I Crenarchaeota in the marine nitrogen cycle using cultures and environmental monitoring of ammonia oxidation, 16S rRNA genes and lipid biomarkers Marine Nitrogen Cycle 2008-08 2009-05
Quantitative importance and trophic role of Noctiluca blooms in the Arabian Sea Arabian Sea Noctiluca 2010-10 2012-10
Quorum-sensing and the Carbon Cycle: Identifying Cell-density Dependent Organic Carbon Degradation among Marine Bacteria in Sinking Particles Quorum-sensing and the Carbon Cycle 2008-09 2011-08
RAPID Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Deep pelagic and benthic impacts of the oil spill DWH_Deep_Microbes 2010-06 2012-05
RAPID Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Impact of sub-surface oil plumes on mesopelagic micronekton DWH Micronekton 2010-07 2013-06
RAPID Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: The Microbial response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill GoMX - Microbial Response 2010-07 2011-06
RAPID Response in Gulf of Mexico: Sediment Trap Investigations GoMX Sed Trap 2010-08 2014-01
RAPID Response to an extreme low ice year on Lake Erie Lake Erie Ice 2012-04 2014-03
RAPID: High-resolution sampling of plankton taxa, marine snow, and environmental variables across the north Atlantic subpolar gyre Transatlantic VPR Survey 2012-05 2013-04
RAPID: Synechococcus diversity and Fe stress and the relationship to dissolved metals in the Eastern Tropical South Pacific Syne_ETSP 2009-09 2010-08
RAPID: Time Series Sampling for Radionuclide and Biogeochemical Fluxes at F1 Time-series Station, Offshore Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Facility Fukushima Sediment Radionuclides 2011-07 2014-01
RAPID: Trophic interactions in floating Sargassum communities of the Gulf of Mexico: potential consequences of habitat degradation Sargassum degradation in the GoMX 2010-06 2012-05
Regional Ecology And Coastal Hydrography REACH 2002-01 2004-01
Regulation of Phytoplankton Dynamics in Mid-Atlantic Estuaries Subject to Climatic Perturbations climate_phyto_estuaries 2008-10 2013-09
Relating Microbial Biodiversity to Biological Oceanographic Processes BACT_DISTR 2005-08 2009-10
Relative Influence of Turbulence and Waves on Larval Behavior Turbulence and Larval Behavior 2011-04 2015-03
Resolving Migratory Connectivity of Basking Sharks (Cetorhinus maximus) in the Western Atlantic Ocean: Integrating Novel Geochemical Tracers with Satellite Archival Tags Basking Shark Geochem Tracers 2008-09 2013-08
Resolving the physiological basis for fluorescence diagnostics of iron stress in natural phytoplankton populations Iron stress in phytoplankton 2007-09 2011-08
Response of European Intertidal Communities to the Severe Winter of 2009-2010 EUROWINTER 2010-08 2011-07
Responses of Seals and Sea Lions to Increased Rockfish Density Seal_response_to_prey 2006-04 2012-03
Rising climatic temperatures impact on antarctic microzooplankton growth and grazing Antarctic microzooplankton 2005-09 2009-05
River Influences on Shelf Ecosystems RISE 2003-06 2009-06
Role of predator-prey interactions in marine ecosystem organization: development of a new toolbox and a comparison of key interactions in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska ecosystems. RolePredPrey 2008-01
Salp Swarm Dynamics SalpSwarmDyn 2002-06 2002-09
Salpa Thompsoni in the Southern Ocean: Bioenergetics, Population Dynamics and Biogeochemical Impact SouthernSalps 2004-06 2008-05
Santa Barbara Coastal Long-Term Ecological Research Site SBC LTER 2000-04
Scaling up from community to meta-ecosystem dynamics in the rocky intertidal - a comparative-experimental approach Meta-Eco 2007-08 2011-12
Seasonal and decadal changes in temperature drive Prochlorococcus ecotype distribution patterns POWOW 2010-10 2014-09
Seasonal and Ontogenetic Effects of Ocean Acidification on Pteropods in the Gulf of Maine Gulf of Maine Pteropods 2013-07 2015-07
Short-term colonization processes at Costa Rica methane seeps Seep Carbonate Ecology CROCKS II 2009-09 2010-08
Significance of nitrification in shaping planktonic biodiversity in the ocean Nitrification and Marine Planktonic Biodiversity 2010-10 2015-09
Silica Cycling and the Role of Diatoms in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre Silica Cycling 2007-07 2010-07
Skidaway River Monitoring Program SRiMP 1986-08 2012-03
Sources and Biogeochemical Cycling of Intact Membrane Lipids in the Upper Ocean LipidCycling 2007-03 2010-02
Sources and Sinks of Stoichiometrically Imbalanced Nitrate in the Laurentian Great Lakes SINC 2009-09 2013-08
Sources of Iron to the EasterN tropical Atlantic SIRENA 2007-07 2010-08
Southern Ocean Climate Process and Modeling Team SO-CPT
Southern Ocean Gas Exchange Experiment SO_GasEx 2008-02 2008-04
Southern Ocean Iron Experiment SOFeX 2002-01 2002-03
Southern Ocean Iron Release Experiment SOIREE 1999-01 1999-03
Spatially-explicit, High-resolution Mapping and Modeling to Quantify Hypoxia and Oil Effects on the Living Resources of the Northern Gulf of Mexico GoMX - Hypoxia and Oil Effects 2010-08 2011-07
Structure, Function and Evolution of Authigenic, Methane-Derived Carbonate Ecosystems Authigenic Carbonate Ecosystems 2008-10 2012-09
Sub-Arctic Ecosystem Response to Iron Enrichment Study SERIES 2002-06 2002-08
Subarctic Pacific Iron Experiment for Ecosystem Dynamics Study II SEEDS II 2004-07 2004-08
Subarctic-Pacific Iron Experiment for Ecosystem Dynamics Study I SEEDS I 2001-06 2001-08
Surface-Ocean Lower-Atmosphere Studies Air-Sea Gas Exchange (Experiment) SAGE 2004-03 2004-04
Temporal and spatial scales of variability in bivalve connectivity Bivalve Connectivity 2007-03 2011-12
Testing hypotheses about diversity, gene flow, and effective population size in marine planktonic ciliates CiliateDivGenePop 2007-01 2010-01
Testing linkages between plankton community structure and Export of C, Po, and Th in the Sub-Arctic NE Pacific: field and lab studies Plankton community linkages 2010-01 2013-12
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