Dataset: trawl catch - GoA
Deployment: PA0102

CGOA trawl data
Principal Investigator: 
Dr Jennifer L Boldt (University of Alaska Fairbanks, UAF)
Co-Principal Investigator: 
Dr Lewis J Haldorson (University of Alaska Fairbanks, UAF)
Dr Jack Piccolo (University of Alaska Fairbanks, UAF)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Ms Dicky Allison (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)

Coastal Gulf of Alaska Trawl Data

1) This file was created to separate surface trawl samples used exclusively from 2001-2004 from gillnet and midwater trawl samples used in prior years. CPUE calculations based on these different gear types may not be directly comparable.
2) Gillnet and midwater trawl catch data from prior years will be reported separately.
3) Gear abbreviations: T = Surface Trawl
4) Gear description: Nordic 264 surface rope trawl (198-m long, 25-m wide, 35-m vertical height, equipped with a 1.2-cm mesh liner in cod end) towed at the surface.
5) Start times for trawls are when all warp wire and doors have been let out, and end times are when warp wire retrival begins.
6) Numbers of fish caught from an event listed in this file may not match the count of number of fish measured in the "Glength_September_2005" file because in some cases the number of fish measured was a subsample of total catch.
7) For cruises G01-3 and G02-2 field identifications of juvenile salmon were inconsistent. Pink, chum, and sockeye, therefore, are all grouped under salmon, unidentified juvenile, as noted in the comment column.

Data Collector/Primary Contact (for more information):
Lewis J. Haldorson
Fisheries Division
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
11120 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-465-6446
FAX: 907-465-6447

Secondary Contact:
Jack Piccolo
11120 Glacier Highway
Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: 907-796-2055

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