Dataset: CTD Boothbay to Hague
Deployment: NEC-LI2001-1

CTD data from F/V Tenacious, Gulf of Maine, 2001-2003, associated with lobster larvae study
Principal Investigator: 
Dr Lewis Incze (University of Southern Maine, USM)
Data Manager: 


"Inshore/Offshore Patterns of Lobster (Homarus americanus) Larvae and Postlarvae in the Northern Gulf of Maine, with Implications for Spatial Relationships Between Egg Production and Settlement"

Project Leader: Lewis Incze, University of South Maine - Bioscience Research Institute
Additional Participants:
Proctor Wells, F/V Tenacious
Mathew Thomson, Cape Cod Commerical Hook Fisherman's Association
Eric Annis, Rugters University
Nicholas Wolff, University of South Maine - Bioscience Research Institute

This hydrography is from a sampling of the entire coastal current system (Boothbay to the Hague Line) during a two-week cruise in early to middle August 2001. Data is being analyzed using computer models of the flow field (collaborations with Drs. Huijie Xue, University of Maine and Christopher Naimie, Dartmouth College) and will be combined with a number of other, ongoing studies of postlarval abundance and settlement. Our long-term goal is to derive a mechanistic model of spatial and temporal lobster recruitment dynamics, an effort that ultimately will be coordinated with Canadian and other U.S. colleagues.


This hydrographic data complements the larval lobster data also located on this site.

Questions should to directed to:
Nicholas Wolff
University of Southern Maine
Bioscience Research Institute
Portland, ME 04101

phone: 207 228-809

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