Dataset: California Current winter climate reconstruction - bird and fish data
Deployment: Black_model

Bird and fish data for a 600 year reconstruction of winter climate variability in the California Current.
Principal Investigator: 
Bryan Black (Oregon State University, OSU-HMSC)
Co-Principal Investigator: 
Steven Bograd (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - Southwest Fisheries Science Center, NOAA SWFSC ERD)
William Sydeman (Farallon Institute for Advanced Ecosystem Research)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Nancy Copley (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Current State: 
Final no updates expected
Version Date: 

In this study, we hypothesized that seasonal variation in upwelling-favorable winds has differential influences on species of the central California Current pelagic ecosystem. To test this hypothesis, we developed multivariate indicators of upwelling and species’ responses using wind and sea surface temperature (SST) data from buoys and growth and reproductive data for 11 species of fish and seabirds.

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