Dataset: CTD data from LMG1110
Deployment: LMG1110

CTD downcasts from LMG-1110 in the Antarctic in November, 2011.
Principal Investigator: 
Ann Bucklin (University of Connecticut, UConn - Avery Point)
Co-Principal Investigator: 
Dr Joseph Warren (Stony Brook University - SoMAS, SUNY-SB SoMAS)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Ms Dicky Allison (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Current State: 
Final with updates expected
almost final
Version Date: 

This is from the cruise report (see LGM1110 deployment page for link) and particulary pertains to the Fluorescence data that were collected:

"Preliminary CTD Results: A total of 20 CTD stations were occupied and sampled during the cruise. Hydrographic data were collected in all sampling regions of the study. Casts were sent to the shallower of 1,000 m or 5-10 m above the bottom. The primary fluorometer was mis-calibrated (had the wrong scale factor in the calibration/processing file), so fluorescence data from the first four (or five) stations (Stns #22, #7, #8, #11) had to be re-processed with the correct scaling factor. Examination of the *.cnv file showed which casts had the miscalibrated data, as the max reading for fluorescence was ~ 0.05 mg/m3. For nearly every other station, maximum fluorescence readings were > 1.0 mg/m3. A secondary fluorometer was added to the CTD rosette between Stns #11 and #12, which verified that the issue was with the scale factor in the CTD processing software."

The data that are served have warnings about fluorescence numbers in the headers of the casts at Stations 22, 7, 8 and 11.

Variables that were part of the data that have been rendered invisible from the data online are: Elapsed time in seconds, modulo error count (always zero), and nbin (number of scans per bin). Those numbers are available upon request.

IEDA has published a DOI for another version of this dataset: 'Bucklin, A., (2015). 'Calibrated Hydrographic Data from Drake Passage acquired with a CTD during the Laurence M. Gould expedition LMG1110 (2011). doi: 10.1594/IEDA/318146.

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