Dataset: Raw mapping data for sequencing
Deployment: vanWoesik_2012

Experimental data from coral disease analysis in raw form for sequencing.
Principal Investigator: 
Robert van Woesik (Florida Institute of Technology, FIT)
Dr Carly J. Randall (Florida Institute of Technology, FIT)
Robert van Woesik (Florida Institute of Technology, FIT)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Hannah Ake (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)
Are coral diseases contagious? (Contagious coral diseases?)
Current State: 
Final no updates expected
Version Date: 

This dataset contains the raw information for the sequencing.  This is the “SFF” file which is the 454 binary data.  The fasta (FNA) and QUAL (quality) files have the typical extension (.fna and .qual). These are the text versions of the sequence data and quality scores.

  1. –full.fasta, -full.qual
    1. These files contain the raw sequence data information and still have primers and barcodes
  2. –pr.fasta, -pr.qual
    1. Sequencing information without primers and barcodes used in our analysis. The sample names from which each sequence is derived is encoded in the definition line of each sequence.

Coral disease transmission experiments were completed for dark-spot syndrome on Sidereastrea siderea and yellow-band disease on Orbicella faveolata, as described in Randall et al. 2016. Following experimentation, microbial communities were extracted from tissue samples to determine whether any potential pathogen may have transmitted from healthy to exposed corals. Microbial communities on healthy corals were compared with diseased corals to identify any potential pathogens.

Experimental diseased and healthy corals were sampled and their microbial communities were analyzed using 454 Illumina pyrosequencing of the amplified 16S rRNA gene on the V1-V3 hypervariable region.

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