Instrument: LI-COR LI-190SA PAR Sensor

Instrument Short Name: LI-COR LI-190SA PAR
Instrument Description:

The LI-190SA Quantum Sensor is used to accurately measure (non-aquatic) Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in the range of 400-700 nm. Colored glass filters are used to tailor the silicon photodiode response to the desired quantum response. The LI-190SA is also used as a reference sensor for comparison to underwater PAR measured by the LI-192SA or LI-193 Underwater Quantum Sensors.

PI supplied instrument name: LI-COR LI-190SA PAR
Dataset-specific description

Photosynthetically Active Radiation data were recorded using factory calibrated LI-COR LI- 90 quantum irradiance sensors placed at 4 locations around the tanks to characterize the full sunlight regime incident on each tank. Data were recorded at 10 minute intervals using a LI-1000 programmable data logger from 18 April to 3 October 2013. Subsequently, data were recorded using the NI data logger and LabView software system used for temperature and pH. Sensor inter-calibration was performed on site using a series of neutral density filters.