Instrument: MOCNESS.25

Instrument Short Name: MOC.25
Instrument Description:

The Multiple Opening/Closing Net and Environmental Sensing System or MOCNESS is a family of net systems based on the Tucker Trawl principle. The MOCNESS-1/4 carries nine 1/4-m2 nets usually of 64 micrometer mesh and is used to sample the larger micro-zooplankton.

PI supplied instrument name: MOC.25
Dataset-specific description

The MOCNESS-1/4 was equipped with nine 150-um mesh nets (nets 0-8). The underwater unit used was #169; temperature probe was #535 and conductivity probe was #120. In addition to the standard temperature and conductivity probes the system also had a beta-type strobe-light unit for reducing avoidance of the nets by some zooplankton and possibly small fish.  The strobe system has two units each with 12 LED sets (LUXEON Rebel LED) with peak output between 490-520 nm. The LEDs are powered by the MOCNESS battery and their pulse width, amplitude, flash rate period, and on/off are controlled by the MOCNESS software.