Instrument: Turner Designs 700 Laboratory Fluorometer

Instrument Short Name: TD-700
Instrument Description:

The TD-700 Laboratory Fluorometer is a benchtop fluorometer designed to detect fluorescence over the UV to red range. The instrument can measure concentrations of a variety of compounds, including chlorophyll-a and fluorescent dyes, and is thus suitable for a range of applications, including chlorophyll, water quality monitoring and fluorescent tracer studies. Data can be output as concentrations or raw fluorescence measurements.

PI supplied instrument name: TD 700 Laboratory Fluorometer
Dataset-specific description

Chlorophyll-a was extracted from seawater (250 ml and 400 ml depending on the dilution), with 90% acetone and measured after 24hrs at 4 degrees C in the dark onboard ship using a TD 700 Laboratory Fluorometer using the non-acidification technique (Welschmeyer 1994).