Instrument: Ion Chromatograph

Instrument Short Name: Ion Chromatograph
Instrument Description:

Ion chromatography is a form of liquid chromatography that measures concentrations of ionic species by separating them based on their interaction with a resin. Ionic species separate differently depending on species type and size. Ion chromatographs are able to measure concentrations of major anions, such as fluoride, chloride, nitrate, nitrite, and sulfate, as well as major cations such as lithium, sodium, ammonium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in the parts-per-billion (ppb) range. (from

PI supplied instrument name: Ion Chromatograph
Dataset-specific description

Sulfate analyses were measured shipboard using a 2010i Dionex Ion Chromatograph (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) using Ag+ cation exchange columns (Dionex) to remove added Cl– ions as previously described (Martens et al., 1999).