Instrument: Metrohm 663 VA Stand mercury electrode

Instrument Short Name: Metrohm 663 VA
Instrument Description:

The Metrohm 663 VA stand forms the wet chemical part of a polarographic and voltammetric analytical system. It features a mercury electrode, an Ag/AgCl reference electrode and a glassy carbon counter electrode. The size of the mercury drop and the stirrer speed are set manually on the VA Stand. The VA Stand can be operated in Dropping Mercury Electrode (DME), Hanging Mercury Drop Electrode (HMDE) and Static Mercury Drop Electrode (SMDE) modes. The VA Stand can be controlled by a potentiostat in conjunction with the Metrohm IME663 interface.

PI supplied instrument name: Metrohm 663 VA
Dataset-specific description

Measurements were made using the Eco-Chemie µAutolabIII systems connected to Metrohm 663 VA Stands equipped with hanging mercury drop electrodes and Teflon sampling cups.