Instrument: Flow Injection Analyzer

Instrument Short Name: FIA
Instrument Description:

An instrument that performs flow injection analysis. Flow injection analysis (FIA) is an approach to chemical analysis that is accomplished by injecting a plug of sample into a flowing carrier stream. FIA is an automated method in which a sample is injected into a continuous flow of a carrier solution that mixes with other continuously flowing solutions before reaching a detector. Precision is dramatically increased when FIA is used instead of manual injections and as a result very specific FIA systems have been developed for a wide array of analytical techniques.

PI supplied instrument name: Lachat Quick Chem 8000 Flow Injection Analysis system
Dataset-specific description

Dissolved nitrate + nitrite (NO3- + NO2-), phosphate (PO43-), and silicic acid (H4SiO4) concentrations were measured shipboard.