Instrument: Large Volume Pumping System-WTS-LV

Instrument Short Name: MLVPump
Instrument Description:

The Large Volume Pumping System-WTS-LV can be one of several different models of Water Transfer Systems (WTS) Large Volume (LV) pumping systems designed and manufactured by McLane Research Labs (Falmouth, MA, USA). The WTS-LV systems are large volume in-situ filtration systems designed to collect sinking particulates. WTS-LV systems are individual in situ, battery-powered, pumping/filtration units that can be deployed at multiple depths per cast to provide information on how particle flux changes with depth. The McLane WTS-LV series of oceanographic pumps draw ambient water through filters and can pump large volumes of seawater during a single cast. The WTS-LV pumps are designed for use from a hydro-wire and employ advanced control algorithms to dynamically optimize flow rates as material accumulates on a filter.

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Dataset-specific description

Particles were collected using in situ filtration.