Instrument: SeapHOx/SeaFET

Instrument Short Name: SeapHOx/SeaFET
Instrument Description:

The SeapHOx and SeaFET are autonomous sensors originally designed and developed by the Todd Martz Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The SeaFET was designed to measure pH and temperature. The SeapHOx, designed later, combined the SeaFET with additional integrated sensors for dissolved oxygen and conductivity. Refer to Martz et al. 2010 (doi:10.4319/lom.2010.8.172).

The SeapHOx package is now produced by Sea-Bird Scientific and allows for integrated data collection of pH, temperature, salinity, and oxygen. Refer to Sea-Bird for specific model information.

PI supplied instrument name: SeaFET sensors
Dataset-specific description

Instruments are SeaFET® sensors using a Honeywell DuraFET® electrode, as well as a Thermo Cl-ISE as an external reference for data quality control.  (Martz et al, 2010).