Instrument: GeoFish Towed near-Surface Sampler

Instrument Short Name: GeoFish
Instrument Description:

The GeoFish towed sampler is a custom designed near surface (<2m) sampling system for the collection of trace metal clean seawater. It consists of a PVC encapsulated lead weighted torpedo and separate PVC depressor vane supporting the intake utilizing all PFA Teflon tubing connected to a deck mounted, air-driven, PFA Teflon dual-diaphragm pump which provides trace-metal clean seawater at up to 3.7L/min. The GeoFish is towed at up to 13kts off to the side of the vessel outside of the ship's wake to avoid possible contamination from the ship's hull. It was developed by Geoffrey Smith and Ken Bruland (University of California, Santa Cruz).

PI supplied instrument name:
Dataset-specific description

Clean seawater samples were collected from two sources; a GEOTRACES CTD referred to as  GT-C/12L GoFlo, and the Super-GeoFISH towed surface vehicle.