Instrument: Seal Analytical AutoAnalyser 3HR

Instrument Short Name: Seal Analytical AutoAnalyser 3HR
Instrument Description:

A fully automated Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) system, ideal for water and seawater analysis. It comprises a modular system which integrates an autosampler, peristaltic pump, chemistry manifold and detector. The sample and reagents are pumped continuously through the chemistry manifold, and air bubbles are introduced at regular intervals forming reaction segments which are mixed using glass coils. The AA3 uses segmented flow analysis principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion, and can analyse up to 100 samples per hour using stable LED light sources.

PI supplied instrument name: SEAL AutoAnalyzer 3 four-channel segmented flow analyzer
Dataset-specific description

Nutrient samples were taken according to best practices and were filtered using a 0.4 µm filter and immediately frozen until analysis. Samples were analyzed using US Environmental Protection Agency methods for ammonium (method G-171-96, detection limit 0.034 µmol/L), nitrite+nitrate (method G-172-96, detection limit 0.010 µmol/L), silicate (method G-177-96, detection limit 0.016 µmol/L), and phosphate (method G-297-03, detection limit 0.025 µmol/L). Please see for a complete instrument description.