Instrument: Shimadzu TOC-V Analyzer

Instrument Short Name: Shimadzu TOC-V
Instrument Description:

A Shimadzu TOC-V Analyzer measures DOC by high temperature combustion method.

PI supplied instrument name: Shimadzu 500 V-CSN/TNM-1 TOC analysis system
Dataset-specific description

TOC samples were collected in 40 mL precombusted borosilicate vials after these were prerinsed with the sample, followed by acidification to ~pH 2 using 12M trace metal-grade HCl, and capped with acid-washed teflon-lined septa. TOC concentrations were quantified by combusting the unfiltered samples and measuring the CO2 released using a non-dispersive infrared detector. The instrument precision was checked using low carbon deep seawater TOC samples.