Instrument: LI-COR LI-7000 Gas Analyzer

Instrument Short Name: LI-COR LI-7000
Instrument Description:

The LI-7000 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer is a high performance, dual cell, differential gas analyzer. It was designed to expand on the capabilities of the LI-6262 CO2/ H2O Gas Analyzer. A dichroic beam splitter at the end of the optical path provides radiation to two separate detectors, one filtered to detect radiation absorption of CO2 and the other to detect absorption by H2O. The two separate detectors measure infrared absorption by CO2 and H2O in the same gas stream. The LI-7000 CO2/ H2O Gas Analyzer is a differential analyzer, in which a known concentration (which can be zero) gas is put in the reference cell, and an unknown gas is put in the sample cell.

PI supplied instrument name: a Li-7000 (LICOR, Inc.) non-dispersive infrared detector
Dataset-specific description

Underway pCO2 was measured inline by an automated system (Apollo Scitech) with a Li-7000 (LICOR, Inc.) non-dispersive infrared detector .