Parameter: larval_type

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taxonomic group or entity. This may be a family, class, genus, species, etc.; usually this parameter will contain a mixture of taxonomic entities.

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Abbreviation for the general larval form:
Actinotroch - AC
Amphioxus - AX
Anthozoan larva AN
Asteroid Juvenile - AJ
Auricularia - AU
Bipinnaria - BI
Bivalve veliger - BV
Brachiolaria - BR
Brachiopods - BC
Chaetopterid CH
Cyprid - CP
Chaetognath - CT
Cyphonautes - CY
Doliolaria - DO
Echinopluteus - EC
Entoprocts - EN
Egg - EG
Gastropod veliger - GV
Glottidia - GL
Gymnosome larva - GY
Megalopa MG
Mitraria - MI
Mullers - MU
Nectochaete - NE
Pelagosphaera - PE
Pentacula - PN
Pilidium - PI
Planulae - PL
Planuliform - PA
Planuliform palaeonemertean - PP
Pteropod shell - PT
Ophiopluteus - OP
Ophiuroid juvenile - OJ
Sponge larva - SL
Tadpole - TA
Trochophore - TR
Tornaria - TO
Unknown - UK
Zoanthid - ZO
Zoea - Z