Coordinated Deployments

Created by C. Chandler 21-Nov-2011

Some project field programs can take advantage of the idea of 'coordinated deployments'. 

Coordinated deployments are platform sampling activities that are done at the same time for the same project.  The reason to identify a deployment as being coordinated with another is to help people find related data.


  • a cruise and a deployment of another platform, e.g. mooring, sediment trap, gliders or floats, could be identified as being coordinated
  • simoultaneous cruises on more than one vessel (as is the case when the science requires more berths than are available on one ship)

While the deployments for a project are all associated with each other (reflected by the fact that they are all listed in the Project view) they are not necessarily all coordinated deployments as well.

Coordinated deployments are also reciprocal, in that if
Deployment_1 is a coordinated deployment of Deployment_2
Deployment_2 is a coordinated deployment of Deployment_1

For an example, please see the deployments for the EDDIES and NAB 2008 projects.