Authoritative sources for cruise metadata

Possible sources of cruise metadata:

US Academic Fleet cruise metadata; routine underway sensor data; links to post-cruise, processed data:
R2R server:

WHOI Vessel shipboard data sources:

Search catalog for cruise ID:

DLA -> WHOI Research Cruise Databases:

Archival Cruise Database

Embargoed data (need Chi Sci OK and uname/pwd):

WHOI ships cruise synopses:

By Voyage - click on voyage for cruise synopsis

WHOI Ships & Technology:

includes the SSSG annual schedule with tech names assigned to cruises

UNOLS Schedules:
Avoid using the UNOLS ship schedules. Those are not updated.

UNOLS Vessels Schedules and Information:
Note: as of 2013, only abbreviated versions of the ship schedules are publicly available from UNOLS.  Vessel operators maintain the schedule for their vessels.

OCEANIC database - international research vessel schedules
search for year and ship
- lists dates/ports, award number, chi sci name, and cruise purpose keyword

Further afield options:
  • Vessel operator (but Blue Heron reports the funded award PI as ChiSci)
  • Chief Scientist CV (google search)
  • Published literature (Chief Scientist formal name)