CTD Profile Data from US Academic Fleet Vessels (R2R)

Created: 8 November 2014 (updated 17 February 2015)

Carolina Nobre (WHOI PO) is being funded by R2R to generate processed CTD profile data products from US academic fleet vessels that report underway data to R2R.  Perhaps as early as April 2015, processed CTD data accompanied by a QA report will be available from rvdata.us.  As an example, the cruise landing page http://www.rvdata.us/catalog/KN210-04 would include a link in the R2R Products section similar to: http://get.rvdata.us/cruise/KN210-04/products/r2rctd/KN210-04_ctd_processed.r2rctd for CTD data (or maybe the "underway data sets" section). We believe this version will be better quality than the CTD data processed during the cruise (which are the data available from the Download link in the Archive section).  The bottle data file(s) should still come directly from the PI as that version will also include bottle sample data.

What this means for the BCO-DMO data managers ...

When a PI contacts us to add a cruise to BCO-DMO, check R2R for the metadata and control point nav cruise track (to populate the location table), and also (starting April 2015?) check for an additional R2R product: the processed CTD data.  Work up the CTD data into a BCO-DMO dataset, adding summary information from the QA report to the Acquisition Description section.  The Chief Scientist should be credited unless the project PI/contact person requests another person be credited.

R2R catalog: http://www.rvdata.us/catalog

The Download link in the Archive status will return a copy of the CTD data as they were at the end of the cruise, including the raw unprocessed data.  The R2R Data Products link for CTD data (available from the same area as the navigation products) will be the processed CTD profile data and QA report generated post-cruise by R2R.

NOTE: If you are reading this in late April 2015 and Cyndy has not updated the text, please remind her to do so ... thanks!