Linking Geospatial Data 2014 Resources

At BCO-DMO, the ocean research cruise and the dataset are the doorways to geospatial interlinking.

Cruise Geospatial Data

From the BCO-DMO website, a list of all cruises can be obtained at: To retrieve RDF representations on a cruise, resolve the cruise URL with one of the following additions:

  1. "Accept: application/rdf+xml" header 
  2. adding '.rdf' on to the end of the cruise URL (i.e.

Geospatial metadata can also be retrieved from the SPARQL endpoint

PREFIX odo: <>
PREFIX geosparql: <>

SELECT ?cruise ?wkt
  ?cruise rdf:type odo:Cruise .
  ?cruise geosparql:hasGeometry ?geom .
  ?geom geosparql:asWKT ?wkt .

Dataset Geospatial Data

Currently, the only way to retrieve dataset geospatial data is to download the data. Datasets can be discovered from two interfaces: 

  1. BCO-DMO Website (
  2. Mapserver Interface (

Future Improvements

  1. Associate Cruise tracks to Geonames terms (
  2. Fully implement the Trajectory Ontology Design Pattern ( for annotating individual Cruise lat/lon points (Fixes) as well as dataset points of interests (Segments). This ontology is currently in development as part of the OceanLink project.