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Instrument: Sentry Precision Robotic Impeller Driven Sampler

 SyPRID Sampler

The SyPRID (Sentry Precision Robotic Impeller Driven) sampler is an innovative deep-rated (6000 m) plankton sampler that partners with the Sentry Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to obtain paired, large-volume plankton samples at specified depths and survey lines to within 1.5 m of the seabed and with simultaneous collection of sensor data.

SyPRID uses a perforated Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight (UHMW) plastic tube to support a fine mesh net within an outer carbon composite tube (tube-within-a-tube design), with an axial flow pump located aft of the capture filter. The pump facilitates flow through the system and minimizes the bow wave at the mouth opening. The cod end, a hollow truncated cone, is also made of UHMW plastic and is designed to 'soften' the landing of zooplankton on the capture surface.   SyPRID attaches as a saddle-pack to the Sentry vehicle.

Sentry itself is configured with a flight control system that enables autonomous survey paths to altitudes as low as 1.5 m.  In its inaugural deployment at the Blake Ridge Seep (2160 m) on the US Atlantic Margin, SyPRID was operated for 6 h at an altitude of 5 m.  It recovered plankton samples from that stratum in excellent condition and with greater larval numbers than recovered in a typical 'near-bottom' MOCNESS sample from comparable habitats and depths.  The prototype SyPRID and its next generations will enable studies of plankton or other particulate distributions associated with patchy habitats, localized physico-chemical strata (e.g., above and below the thermocline), or discrete water masses at an unprecedented spatial resolution for a large volume system [1].

More information is available by contacting:
Carl Kaiser
Program Manager
Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
NDSF AUV Operations Manager
Office Phone: +1 508 289 3269

[1] Billings, A., Kaiser, C., Young, C. M., Hiebert, L. S., Cole, E., Wagner, J. K. S., & Van Dover, C. L. (2017). SyPRID sampler: A large-volume, high-resolution, autonomous, deep-ocean precision plankton sampling system. In Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography (Vol. 137, pp. 297–306). Elsevier BV.