Making Data Available via the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office - Overview

A presentation at Fall AGU 2008 for IN012

R.C. Groman, M.D. Allison, C.L. Chandler, D.M. Glover, P.H. Wiebe

The Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) was created from the U.S. Joint Global Ocean Flux Study (U.S. JGOFS) and the U.S. GLOBal ocean ECosystems dynamics (U.S. GLOBEC) Data Management Offices. The BCO-DMO is a NSF funded project that provides support for scientists funded by either the NSF’s Biological or Chemical Oceanography Program Office to facilitate making their projects’ data publically accessible. To extend the domains of the U.S. JGOFS and U.S. GLOBEC programs and to enable new capabilies, the BCO-DMO formalized our metadata collection efforts and designed and created the BCO-DMO metadata database. This database, together with our new website content ( and a geospatial interface based on the University of Minnesota’s MapServer software, currently provide access to information and data from nine science programs and their associated 27 projects. This presentation provides an overview and summary of the data discovery, data access, display, download options, interoperability features, and capabilities of the BCO-DMO data interface.

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