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Wall, Christopher B; Edmunds, Peter J (2013): In Situ effects of low pH and elevated HCO3 on juvenile massive Porites spp. in Moorea, French Polynesia. PANGAEA,, Supplement to: Wall, CB; Edmunds, PJ (2013): In Situ Effects of Low pH and Elevated HCO3- on Juvenile Massive Porites spp. in Moorea, French Polynesia. Biological Bulletin, 225, 92–101,

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Juvenile colonies of massive Porites spp. were exposed to manipulated pH and bicarbonate ([HCO3-]) in situ to test the hypothesis that ocean acidification (OA) does not affect respiration and calcification. Incubations lasted 28 h and exposed corals to ambient temperature and light with ecologically relevant water motion. Three treatments were applied: (1) ambient conditions of pH 8.04 and 1751 µmol HCO3- kg(-1) (Treatment 1), (2) pCO2-induced ocean acidification of pH 7.73 and 2011 µmol HCO3- kg(-1) (Treatment 2), and (3) pCO2 and HCO3--enriched seawater of pH 7.69 and 2730 µmol HCO3- kg(-1) (Treatment 3). The third treatment providing elevated [HCO3-] was used to test for stimulatory effects of dissolved inorganic carbon on calcification under low pH and low saturation of aragonite (Omega arag), but it does not reflect conditions expected to occur under CO2-driven OA. Calcification of juvenile massive Porites spp. was affected by treatments, with an 81% elevation in Treatment 3 versus Treatment 1, but no difference between Treatments 1 and 2; respiration and the metabolic expenditure concurrent with calcification remained unaffected. These findings indicate that juvenile massive Porites spp. are resistant to short exposures to OA in situ, and separately, that they can increase calcification at low pH and low Omega arag if [HCO3-] is elevated. Juvenile Porites spp. may therefore be limited by dissolved inorganic carbon under ambient pCO2 conditions
Animalia; Benthic animals; Benthos; Bottles or small containers/Aquaria (<20 L); Calcification/Dissolution; Cnidaria; Coast and continental shelf; Field experiment; Porites sp.; Respiration; Single species; South Pacific; Tropical
Further details:
Lavigne, Héloise; Epitalon, Jean-Marie; Gattuso, Jean-Pierre (2014): seacarb: seawater carbonate chemistry with R. R package version 3.0.
In order to allow full comparability with other ocean acidification data sets, the R package seacarb (Lavigne et al, 2014) was used to compute a complete and consistent set of carbonate system variables, as described by Nisumaa et al. (2010). In this dataset the original values were archived in addition with the recalculated parameters (see related PI). The date of carbonate chemistry calculation is 2014-07-09.
#NameShort NameUnitPrincipal InvestigatorMethod/DeviceComment
1SpeciesSpeciesWall, Christopher B
2FigureFigWall, Christopher B
3DateDateWall, Christopher B
4TreatmentTreatWall, Christopher B1=ambient pH, ambient HCO3-, 2=low pH, high HCO3-, 3=low pH, very high HCO3-
5ReplicateReplicateWall, Christopher B
6Respiration rate, oxygenResp O2µmol/cm2/hWall, Christopher B
7Calcification rate of calcium carbonateCalc rate CaCO3µg/cm2/hWall, Christopher B
8Metabolic expenditureMet expJ/gWall, Christopher Bconcurrent with calcification
9pHpHWall, Christopher BPotentiometrictotal scale
10Partial pressure of carbon dioxide (water) at sea surface temperature (wet air)pCO2water_SST_wetPaWall, Christopher BCalculated using seacarb
11Alkalinity, totalATµmol/kgWall, Christopher BPotentiometric titration
12Bicarbonate ion[HCO3]-µmol/kgWall, Christopher BCalculated using seacarb
13Carbonate ion[CO3]2-µmol/kgWall, Christopher BCalculated using seacarb
14Carbon, inorganic, dissolvedDICµmol/kgWall, Christopher BCalculated using seacarb
15Aragonite saturation stateOmega ArgWall, Christopher BCalculated using seacarb
16SalinitySalWall, Christopher B
17Temperature, waterTemp°CWall, Christopher B
18Carbonate system computation flagCSC flagYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
19Carbon dioxideCO2µmol/kgYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
20Partial pressure of carbon dioxide (water) at sea surface temperature (wet air)pCO2water_SST_wetµatmYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
21Fugacity of carbon dioxide (water) at sea surface temperature (wet air)fCO2water_SST_wetµatmYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
22Bicarbonate ion[HCO3]-µmol/kgYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
23Carbonate ion[CO3]2-µmol/kgYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
24Carbon, inorganic, dissolvedDICµmol/kgYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
25Aragonite saturation stateOmega ArgYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
26Calcite saturation stateOmega CalYang, YanCalculated using seacarb after Nisumaa et al. (2010)
464 data points

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