Where to archive data

This page contains information about where oceanographic data should be archived for long term storage and preservation. New entries will be added as we learn of them.

The National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)
NCEI is the national permanent archive for water column data, including basic hydrographic and biological data. BCO-DMO takes responsibility for archiving to the appropriate National Data Archive any data managed by us. For further information about NCEI, see http://www.nodc.noaa.gov/submit/, or if one has questions, contact NODC.Services@noaa.gov.

Contacts at NCEI include (January 2011):

  • Margarita Conkright Gregg (NCEI Deputy Director)
  • Don Collins (hydrographic profile data)
  • Hernan Garcia (hydrographic profile data for WODB)
  • Ken Casey (technical director)
  • Sharon Mesick (general data archiving agreement)

Joint Archive for Shipboard ADCP (JASADCP)
ADCP data should be submittted to JASADCP. Contact: Julia "Jules" Hummon at University of Hawaii (as of 2/2009).

SeaWiFS Bio-optical Archive and Storage System (SeaBASS)
Biogeochemical field data funded by NASA’s Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry (OBB) program are to be submitted to SeaBASS.