Text-based Access

Text-based access to the data and information managed by BCO-DMO is provided by the Drupal content management system (CMS). Drupal, a CMS freely available to anyone, manages the more or less static web pages, including information about BCO-DMO and how to contact and contribute data to BCO-DMO, and manages the metadata, that is, the information about the data.

Data are accessed by clicking on one of the broad categories listed to the left on the web page including Programs, Projects, Deployments, Datasets, Instruments, Parameters, People, Affiliations, Funding, and Award numbers. Once on one of these pages, one can do a word search such as looking for a particular person, or a particular kind of data. For example, clicking on 'Datasets' and then searching for 'coral' results in a list of many datasets.  If you are looking for the results from a particular project, try searching the Projects or People. 

Once a dataset of interest has been located, there will be a 'Get Data' button near the top of the page. Clicking on this will bring up the data in table form. From the data display: Click on blue links to drill down into the data or click on the 'Next Level' button to see all the data at the next level.  Click the 'Flat Listing' after there are no more hyperlinks to get all the data.  At this point, you can copy and paste the data into an Excel or text file. You can see an alternate view of publicly accessible metadata by clicking on the Documentation link at the top of the data display page.