Contributing Genetic Accessions (omics)

Sequences and other 'Omic data are best served by a disciplinary repository, such as the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) GenBank or Sequence Read Archive (SRA). However, metadata, and data related to 'Omic accessions should be provided to BCO-DMO to further enable discovery and re-use (See Advantages of Submitting ‘Omic Data Links to BCO-DMO (PDF)).

If you have metadata and additional data related to your genetic accessions (collection date, lat, lon, taxon names, treatment descriptions, environmental measurements, etc.), please submit them to us along with any relevant accession numbers (e.g. BioSample, SRA run id, etc). Note that submitting your accession numbers and related data in a tabular format (e.g. Excel, comma or tab-delimited) will expedite the data serving process. We will then create a Dataset Landing Page at BCO-DMO which is linked to your Project Page.

Raw Data Repositories BCO-DMO has linked to
Repository Data Types
NCBI (SRA, Genbank, BioProject, BioSample) DNA, RNA sequence
DNA, RNA sequence
Mass Spectra (proteomics, metabolomics)
Mass Spectra (proteomics, metabolomics)
ProteomeXChange (PX consortium)
Mass Spectra (proteomics, metabolomics)
MetaboLights Metabolomics database


Please complete the DATASET.rtf metadata form and send it to along with any relevant data files. If applicable, please include the following information with your submission to BCO-DMO:


  • BioProject number
  • taxonomic names
  • description of the types of sequences
  • locations where species were collected (including latitude and longitude and cruise ID numbers, if known/applicable)
  • sequencing and analysis methods (including instrument names and models)
  • any other relevant information that will enable others to understand and re-use the data (e.g. published papers)

Example Datasets:

On these dataset landing pages, click the "View Table" or "Get Data" button at the top of the page to see the data served by BCO-DMO. Note that the related NCBI pages (like BioProject) are listed in a "Related Datasets" section on the landing page.

* You will see some columns in the above datasets that have links to individual accession pages at NCBI (e.g. SRA_run_id Instead of a full URL to the accessions, you should submit the accession numbers (e.g. SRR3180319) in a data column without the URL. 

If you have any questions about how to submit data, please contact us at