Accessing Data at BCO-DMO

One can access the complete BCO-DMO data collection, including the legacy and current project data, through either one of these interfaces:

Both methods allow you to select a particular science program, science project or by investigator name. Searches can also be done by looking for particular data (e.g. CTD, zooplankton, etc.). Note that our website requires that your web browser supports the JavaScript  language.

A tutorial is available that provides step-by-step instructions on the text-based and map-based data access systems, including the advanced (semantically-enabled) search:

The Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) was created in late 2006 to serve PIs funded by the NSF Geosciences Directorate (GEO) Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) Biological and Chemical Oceanography Programs and Division of Polar Programs (PLR) Antarctic Sciences (ANT) Organisms & Ecosystems Program. Researchers funded by the PLR Arctic Sciences Program were encouraged to submit data to BCO-DMO beginning in 2014. The BCO-DMO is a combination of the Data Management Offices formerly created to support the US JGOFS and US GLOBEC programs. The BCO-DMO staff members are the curators of the legacy data collections created by those respective programs, as well as many other more recent research efforts including those of individual investigators.

To contribute data, please see the How to Contribute Data page on this site.