Instrument: X-ray fluorescence analyser

Instrument Short Name: XRF analyzer
Instrument Description:

Instruments that identify and quantify the elemental constituents of a sample from the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the atoms in the sample when excited by X-ray radiation.

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Dataset-specific description

SXRF analysis was performed on the 2-ID-E beamline at the Advanced Photon source (Argonne National Laboratory). The synchrotron consists of a storage ring which produces high energy electromagnetic radiation. X-rays diverted to the 2-ID-E beamline are used for x-ray fluorescence mapping of biological samples. X-rays were tuned to an energy of 10 keV to enable the excition of K-alpha fluorescence for the elements reported. The beam is focused using Fresnel zoneplates to achieve high spatial resolution; for our application a focused spot size of 0.5um was used. A single element germanium energy dispersive detector is used to record the X-ray fluorescence spectrum.