Instrument: Inorganic Carbon Analyzers

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Instrument Description:

Instruments measuring carbonate in sediments and inorganic carbon (including DIC) in the water column.

PI supplied instrument name: Automated Infra Red Inorganic Carbon Analyzer (AIRICA)
Dataset-specific description

The Automated Infra Red Inorganic Carbon Analyzer (AIRICA) utilizes infrared detection of CO2 gas purged from an acidified seawater sample. A high-precision syringe pump extracts the seawater sample, acidifies the sample with phosphoric acid, and analyzes the gas released with an infrared light analyzer (LICOR). The CO2 signal is integrated for each sample to quantify the total inorganic carbon for a given aliquot of seawater analyzed. Three aliquots and peak integrations are performed for each seawater sample and averaged to determine the dissolved inorganic carbon for each sample. Precision was typically ±1–2 µmol/kg for TA. Please see for a complete instrument description.