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Instrument: Wet Labs Aquatic Laser Fluorescence Analyzer (ALFA)


WET Labs’ Aquatic Laser Fluorescence Analyzer (ALFA) provides spectrally and
temporally resolved measurements of key bio-environmental variables in oceanic,
coastal, and fresh waters. Operation modes allow underway shipboard measurements
and discrete sample analysis for accurate assessments of pigment biomass,
phytoplankton community structure and physiology.
• Spectral deconvolution of overlapped fluorescence bands with Raman normalization
• Improved assessment of chlorophyll concentrations for estimating phytoplankton biomass
• Discrimination of 5 phycobiliprotein pigments for structural phytoplankton characterization
• Fluorescence assessment of chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM)
• Measures variable fluorescence, Fv/Fm, with correction for background CDOM fluorescence
• Instrument software allows real-time data analysis and display with GPS coordinates and time

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