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Instrument: Stramin net

 Stramin net
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A Stramin net is specifically designed to sample plankton near the bottom and one such, designed by F.S. Russell in 1928, the 'stramin' net (Diameter: 1.5 m., Mesh: 6 strands/cm.) was equipped with rollers at the lower edge of its frame in order that it could be safely lowered until it touched the bottom. One "oblique" haul was made from the bottom (or from a depth of 200 m.) to the surface at each station. "It was mounted in an Agassiz trawl frame so that it was centered inside the trawl net, which was
also fixed to the frame and cleared the bottom by approximately 17.8 cm. No provisions were made to prevent contamination of the collection during the lowering of the net to the sea floor or the hauling back to the surface."(Wiebe and Benfield, 2003)


Wiebe, Peter H. and Mark C. Benfield, 2003. From the Hensen net toward four-dimensional biological oceanography. Progress in Oceanography, 56, pp. 7-136.