Instrument: Thermo Scientific GasBench II

 GasBench II
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An on-line gas preparation and introduction system for isotope ratio mass spectrometry that is designed for high precision isotope and molecular ratio determination of headspace samples, including water equilibration, carbonates and atmospheric gases. The instrument allows for the use of a dual viscous flow inlet system of repetitive measurements of sample and standard gas on a continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectrometer (CF-IRMS) system. The sample volume is the sample vial (instead of a metal bellows), and the reference gas volume is a pressurized gas tank. The instrument consists of a user programmable autosampler, a gas sampling system, a maintenance-free water removal system, a loop injection system, an isothermal gas chromatograph (GC), an active open split interface, a reference gas injection system with three reference ports, and one or two optional LN2 traps for cryofocusing. The gas sampling system includes a two port needle which adds a gentle flow of He into the sample vial, diluting and displacing sample gas. Water is removed from the sample gas through diffusion traps. The loop injector aliquots the sample gas onto the GC column, which separates the molecular species. The reference gas injection system allows accurate referencing of each sample aliquot to isotopic standards. The system can be used with several options including a carbonate reaction kit that allows injection of anhydrous phospohric acid into sample vials.