Instrument: LI-COR LI-200R Pyranometer

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The LI-200R Pyranometer measures global solar radiation (the combination of direct and diffuse solar radiation) in the 400 to 1100 nanometer (nm) wavelength range. Measurement units are in watts per square meter (W m-2). It is used for applications in agricultural, meteorological, solar energy, and environmental research. The LI-200R measures global solar radiation with an unfiltered silicon photodiode. The crown of the sensor rapidly sheds water, and also physically blocks light from outside the hemisphere of sensitivity, providing a precise cosine response. Its sensitivity is typically 75 uA per 1000 W m-2. It has a maximum deviation of 1% up to 3000 W m-2. Its stability is < +/- 2% change over a 1-year period. It has an operating temperature range of -40 to +65 degrees Celsius.