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Instrument: Vemco VR2Tx receiver and transmitter

 Vemco VR2Tx
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A submersible single-channel acoustic receiver with onboard transmitting capabilities, designed for use in the monitoring of aquatic fauna. It is capable of transmitting its assigned ID code, identifying other Vemco coded transmitters in the receiver area, and acoustically communicating with a surface VR100-200 receiver. It can communicate additional information and make select changes to other Vemco transmitters via the surface VR100-200 receiver. It uses VUE software for communication via Bluetooth. The VR2Tx is housed in a corrosion-resistant cylindrical high-pressure plastic case, depth-rated to 500 m. The VR2Tx has 16 MB of onboard memory storage (approx. 1.6 million detections). The VR2Tx operates on a factory-set frequency of 69 kHz, and has an approximate battery life of 14 months. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -5 degC to +40 degC.