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Instrument: Apollo AS-D1 DIC and d13C-DIC Analyzer

 Apollo AS-D1
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The AS-D1 is an instrument designed to prepare natural water samples for Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) and delta13C analysis and provide the user with the analyses outputs. It has features that are specifically useful for seawater and coastal water samples. The instrument provides the user with DIC values (micromol per kg) and the delta13C content of the DIC (per mille). It consists of a digital syringe pump for delivery of reagent and samples, a mass flow controller to regulate flow rate, a CO2 stripping reactor, and an electronic cooling system to remove moisture. The AS-D1 does not measure the sample but is designed to send the gas to a different analyzer. This second instrument then sends the measurements back to the AS-D1 after analysis. The AS-D1 then calculates the desired DIC and delta13C outputs. This instrument is designed for automatic sampling from multiple bottles. It can be used in laboratories on shore or at sea.

The instrument was created to be paired with the Picarro G-2131i Carbon Isotope Analyser, however, other models that measure the isotopic ratio of CO2 may be compatible. The precision is +/- 0.1 % for DIC of seawater and +/- 0.07 % for DIC-delta13C. Sample volume is 1-7 milliliters per analysis, and sample time is under 12 minutes.

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