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Instrument: CytoSense flow cytometer

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The CytoSense is a portable, benchtop autonomous flow cytometer designed for phytoplankton species classification and analysis of filamentous algae. It can also be used in situ to reveal temporal and spatial phytoplankton variability. It can be remotely controlled, and has been specifically designed to record the optical pulse shapes of suspended particles between <1 and 800 micrometres in diameter and up to 4 millimetres in length (for chain-forming cells recording) in relatively large volumes of water (several centimetres cubed per sample). The instrument combines high sensitivity with an extremely wide particle size range (from sub-micron up to 1.5 millimetres in diameter) and acquires multiple data points per particle, which distinguishes the CytoSense from conventional flow cytometers. The CytoSense has a modular design, with various upgrades and accessories available to suit user requirements. These include additional lasers, optional cameras to take pictures of particles and a widened flow cell. The sample intake speed ranges from 0.07 - 17 microlitres per second, allowing high particle loads (thousands of particles per second) as well as very low concentrations.

Alternate name: CytoBuoy CytoSense flow cytometer