Instructions for the Incomplete Datasets Report

This report displays all incomplete datasets by program and project. The report is equivalent to the "pink" only entries displayed in the full report. Since this report takes a long time to run, and without continuous output, it cannot be run from a browser. These are the instructions for running the report directly on the computer.

Log into dmoserv2 and change directory to a writable directory, such as your home directory.

1. Create a symbolic link to the program, as

  > ln -s /data1/www/access1.bco-dmo/bco-bin/

2. Run the program with the output redirected to a file. Note: The program takes several hours to run!

   > ./   show_only_incomplete_datasets   >  incomplete_datasets.html

The output file, incomplete_datasets.html in this example, can be opened in Word or by a web browser.