BCO-DMO Publications, Presentations, and Posters

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One Approach to Ensuring Long-term Access to Ocean Research Data, Chandler, Cynthia, Groman Robert C., Allison Molly D., Wiebe Peter H., and Glover David M. , 2013/09/25, (2013)  (1.9 MB)
Ontology Design Patterns: Bridging the Gap Between Local Semantic Use Cases and Large-Scale, Long-Term Data Integration, Shepherd, Adam, Arko Robert, Krisnadhi Adila Alfa, Hitzler Pascal, Janowicz Krzysztof, Chandler Cynthia, Narock Thomas, Cheatham Michelle, Schildhauer Mark, Jones Matthew, et al. , (2015)  (2.16 MB)
Opportunities and Challenges for Marine Data Management to Support Future Ocean Research, Chandler, Cynthia , 10/20/2015, Oostende, Belgium, (2015)  (1.78 MB)
Persistent Identifiers and Linked Ocean Data, Chandler, CL, Shepherd A, Arko RA, and MB Jones , 11/9/2016, Reykjavik, Iceland, (2016)  (81.68 KB) (2.21 MB)
The Quest to Find the Ring (Data), Allison, Molly D., Wiebe Peter H., Copley Nancy J., and Groman Robert C. , 12/18/2014, San Francisco, CA, (2014)  (3.46 MB)
Supporting Citation of Subsetted Data: A Data Center’s Perspective, Rauch, Shannon M. , 07/14/2015, ESIP Summer Meeting. Pacific Grove, CA., (2015)  (13.35 MB)
Sustainable Software Decisions for Long-term Projects, Shepherd, Adam, Groman Robert C., Chandler Cynthia, Gaylord D., and Sun M. , 12/11/2013, (2013)  (17.28 MB)
Taxonomic Data at the Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO), Copley, Nancy J. , 4/13/2017, Woods Hole, MA, (2017)  (10.65 MB)
Trustworthy Digital Repositories: Building Trust the Ol’ Fashioned Way… EARNING IT, Kinkade, Danie, Chandler Cynthia L., Shepherd Adam, Rauch Shannon M., Groman Robert C., Wiebe Peter H., Glover David M., Copley Nancy J., Allison Molly D., Ake Hannah, et al. , 12/15/2016, Fall AGU San Francisco, CA, (2016)  (2.65 MB)
U.S. GEOTRACES Pacific Transect Data Management, Chandler, Cynthia , 4/26/2013, (2013)  (1.3 MB)
Visualizing Fitness for Purpose, Groman, Robert C., and Allison Molly D. , 2/6/2013, (2013)  (762.78 KB)
Vocabularies, Ontologies and Ocean Biogeochemistry Data Matching and Mapping, Chandler, Cynthia , 1/24/2011, (2011)  (1.18 MB)
Ocean Data Publication Cookbook, Leadbetter, Adam, Raymond Lisa, Chandler Cynthia, Pikula L., Pissierssens P., and Urban E. , Manuals and Guides, Number 64, p.45 pp and annexes, (2013)