Dataset: alongtrack
Deployment: AL9901

Alongtrack ship data for AlbatrossIV GLOBEC Georges Bank cruises, 1995-1999
Principal Investigator: 
James P. Manning (Northeast Fisheries Science Center - Woods Hole, NOAA NEFSC)
BCO-DMO Data Manager: 
Ms Dicky Allison (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, WHOI BCO-DMO)

R/V Albatross Globec broadscale cruises 1995-1999,
shipboard meteorology and sea surface measurements
along the ship's track

Comments submitted by Jim Manning

  1. These data are accessed under the GLOBEC
    homepage-->Georges Bank data-->broadscale-->alongtrack or
    homepage-->Georges Bank data-->broadscale-->{year}-->alongtrack or
    homepage-->Georges Bank data-->process-->alongtrack   or
    homepage-->Georges Bank data-->process-->{year}-->alongtrack.
  2. These are single ascii files per cruise with several variables merged to one minute (interpolated) time steps. The user should be aware of the availability of the unmerged "raw" data if they want the actual data which, for some sensors/variables, was recorded as frequent as every 5 seconds and by more than one instrument. Contact Jim Manning for access to thes data.
  3. The first column is the time stamp which, for Albatross convention, is "yrday1_local" which means, for example, that a time of "1.5" represents local noontime on Jan 1st. Note that the "Albatross yearday convention changed to GMT after year 2000, so the user must pay attention to the time stamp in future cruises.  
  4. I have been processing Albatross and Delaware alongtrack data on an "as requested" basis so just let me know when you want a particular cruise that is not already posted. More recent (post GLOBEC) data are being stored in as ORACLE database and served via OpenDAP as documented elsewhere.  
  5. We all understand this data (shipboard temp, salt, wind, etc.) should be treated as uncalibrated records and should not be used for other than exploratory purposes.
Any questions, contact:

Jim Manning
National Marine Fisheries Service
Woods Hole, Ma 02543

voice:  508 495 2211
fax:    508 495 2258

Updated 09/15/05; gfh w/ input from J.Manning
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