Funding Source: National Science Foundation (NSF)

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Dataset Award Number
13C samples DBI-0424599
15N2 samples DBI-0424599
1d_model_simulations DBI-0424599
3d_model_simulations DBI-0424599
Aanderaa - Natividad DEB-1212124
acoustic backscatter curtain_plot unknown GB NSF
adcp unknown GB NSF
ADCP - Broad Band unknown SO_GasEx NSF
ADCP - Narrow Band unknown SO_GasEx NSF
allADCP unknown GB NSF
all_species_seen unknown GB NSF
alongtrack unknown GB NSF
alongtrack New Horizon 2000 unknown NEP NSF
alongtrack SJ9505 unknown GB NSF
alongtrack SJ9507 unknown GB NSF
alongtrackel unknown GB NSF
alongtrackoc unknown GB NSF
ammonium unknown Arabian Sea NSF
areal_sum unknown Arabian Sea NSF
AUV_MontereyBay_Dorado DBI-0424599
AUV_MontereyBay_Makai_CTD DBI-0424599
bacteria unknown NABE NSF
bacteria unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Bacterial Biomass and Production unknown SMP NSF
bathymetry unknown GB NSF
bathy_ADCP unknown GB NSF
Biogenic Silicate DBI-0424599
biology unknown NABE NSF
bio_optics unknown NABE NSF
BMP2_ess unknown GB NSF
Bongo disp. volumes unknown GB NSF
bottle unknown Arabian Sea NSF
bottle unknown NABE NSF
broadscale_grid unknown GB NSF
broadscale_summary unknown GB NSF
Calanus finmarchicus connectivity in N Atlantic OCE-0815047
CDOM Absorption Spectra unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Chl DBI-0424599
chloro_bottle unknown GB NSF
chloro_bottle_ctd unknown GB NSF
chlor_phaeo unknown GB NSF
chl_fluor unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Clone Meta Sequences DBI-0424599
Clone Metagenom Seq DBI-0424599
CO2 - Discrete pCO2 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CO2 - Surface Underway pCO2 Reduced unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CO2 - Underway pCO2 - GO System unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Cold Core Rings Stratified Euphausiid Abundance and Zooplankton Biomass OCE-1435578
Core DBI-0424599
Core HPLC DBI-0424599
Core HPLC DBI-0424599
cp_decibels unknown GB NSF
cp_depths unknown GB NSF
cp_lat_lon unknown GB NSF
CR1994_met unknown GB NSF
CR1994_T_S unknown GB NSF
CR1995_bio_opt unknown GB NSF
CR1995_met unknown GB NSF
CR1995_T_S unknown GB NSF
crest unknown GB NSF
Cruise and Tow Data OCE-1435578
Cruise Event Log - HRS1314 DBI-0424599
Cruise Track DBI-0424599
Cruise Track unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Cruise Track - C-MORE and HOT Cruises DBI-0424599
Cruise Track - HRS1314 DBI-0424599
CTD unknown Arabian Sea NSF
CTD DBI-0424599
CTD unknown NABE NSF
CTD - BAG 1 DBI-0424599
CTD - Bottle unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CTD - Discrete PP and Chla unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - Discrete PP and Chla Integrated Values unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - DMS and DMSp unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - Events unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CTD - Fv/Fm unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - MLDs and SF6 unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - Nutrients unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - pH and AT unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - Press Temp Sal O2 unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - Profiles unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CTD - Salinity unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CTD - SF6 Profiles unknown SAGE NSF
CTD - Stations unknown SO_GasEx NSF
CTD - Water Column DOC Chl PN PC PON POC unknown SAGE NSF
CTD_cg unknown GB NSF
CTD_dh unknown GB NSF
CTD_fv unknown GB NSF
CTD_hydrography unknown GB NSF
CTD_ji unknown GB NSF
CTD_MOCNESS1_CCRings DES-74-02783A1
CTD_oc333 unknown GB NSF
CTD_pmel FOCI cruises unknown NEP NSF
CTD_ps unknown GB NSF
CTD_rl unknown GB NSF
CTD_sbe_dh unknown GB NSF
current_meter unknown NABE NSF
delta_O_18 unknown GB NSF
Diagnostic Box Model Results at BATS and ALOHA unknown SMP NSF
DIC_TA unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Diel_Metatrans DBI-0424599
DIF_records unknown GB NSF
Discrete - Surface Samples DBI-0424599
Diurnal GOP unknown SO_GasEx NSF
DMS Flux unknown SO_GasEx NSF
DNA Extracts DBI-0424599
DNA Time Series DBI-0424599
drifter CGoA unknown NEP NSF
drifters_argos unknown GB NSF
drifter_images unknown GB NSF
drifter_start_positions unknown GB NSF
drifter_tracks unknown GB NSF
DWH_micronekton OCE-1047693
emet_W15_1995 unknown GB NSF
emet_W15_1996 unknown GB NSF
emet_W15_1997 unknown GB NSF
emet_W15_1998 unknown GB NSF
emet_W15_1999 unknown GB NSF
emet_W1_1995 unknown GB NSF
emet_W1_1996 unknown GB NSF
emet_W1_1997 unknown GB NSF
emet_W1_1998 unknown GB NSF
emet_W1_1999 unknown GB NSF
emet_W60_1995 unknown GB NSF
emet_W60_1996 unknown GB NSF
emet_W60_1997 unknown GB NSF
emet_W60_1998 unknown GB NSF
emet_W60_1999 unknown GB NSF
EN321fcmbact unknown GB NSF
EN321fcmnano unknown GB NSF
EN325fcmbact unknown GB NSF
epiflu unknown GB NSF
event log unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Event Log unknown SO_GasEx NSF
eventlogs unknown GB NSF
eventlog_WB1105 OCE-1047693
event_log unknown NABE NSF
f-ratio MATLAB Routine (REVISED) unknown SMP NSF
fisheggs unknown GB NSF
fishlarvaeB unknown GB NSF
fishlarvaeM unknown GB NSF
fishlarvae_Bon_bss unknown GB NSF
fishlarvae_Bon_pro unknown GB NSF
fishlarvae_M1 unknown GB NSF
FVCOM unknown GB NSF
Genomic Seq DBI-0424599
GoCal4 OCE-1034943
GoCal4 OCE-0824997
grazing unknown Arabian Sea NSF
gs_rings unknown GB NSF
GT10-11 - Fe Mn Zn Cd and Cu OCE-0927558
HOE-DYLAN cruises - Diazotrophs DBI-0424599
HOE-DYLAN cruises - NH4 DBI-0424599
HOE-DYLAN cruises - NO2 DBI-0424599
HOE-DYLAN cruises - Stations DBI-0424599
HOE-DYLAN cruises - Urea DBI-0424599
HOE-LEGACY 2A Cruise Track - KM1513 DBI-0424599
HOE-LEGACY 2A diel_FCM DBI-0424599
HOE-LEGACY 2A Stations DBI-0424599
HPLC_pigments unknown Arabian Sea NSF
HPLC_pigmentsPP unknown Arabian Sea NSF
HPLC_pigmentsTM unknown Arabian Sea NSF
HPLC_sizefrac unknown Arabian Sea NSF
in situ O2 production unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Integrated Euphausiid Abundance and Zooplankton Biomass OCE-1435578
Integrated Euphausiid Abundance and Zooplankton Biomass restructured OCE-1435578
inventory unknown SOFeX NSF
Inventory unknown SO_GasEx NSF
inventory unknown GB NSF
inventory unknown NEP NSF
iodine unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Kaneohe Bay RNA virus metagenomes DBI-0424599
Lagrangian Trace Metal Concentrations DBI-0424599
Lead Time Series DBI-0424599
Lipids - Sediment Trap DBI-0424599
Lipids - Water Column DBI-0424599
longtrack unknown NABE NSF
low_level_NO3 unknown Arabian Sea NSF
LVP_pump unknown SOFeX NSF
manganese unknown Arabian Sea NSF
manganese_part unknown Arabian Sea NSF
MAPCO2 - Buoy unknown SO_GasEx NSF
MAPCO2 - SAMI-CO2 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
MAPCO2 - Temperature unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Matlab script: Vertical Particle Flux Model with Predator-Prey Interactions unknown SMP NSF
mcm_ps unknown GB NSF
mesozoo-carbon_bongo unknown Arabian Sea NSF
mesozoo-carbon_MOC unknown Arabian Sea NSF
mesozoo_grazing unknown NABE NSF
mesozoo_zoomass unknown NABE NSF
Met/Flux Revision 1 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Met/Flux Revision 2 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
Metagenome Profiles - HOT186 DBI-0424599
Metatranscriptomes - BioLINCS DBI-0424599
Metatranscriptomes - EDU2010 DBI-0424599
Metatranscriptomes - HOT179 DBI-0424599
meteorology unknown NABE NSF
microplankton unknown Arabian Sea NSF
microstructd06 unknown GB NSF
microstructd08 unknown GB NSF
microstructs06 unknown GB NSF
microstructs08 unknown GB NSF
microzooplankton unknown Arabian Sea NSF
MiniDOT - El Rosario and Natividad DEB-1212124
mixed_layer unknown Arabian Sea NSF
MOC1 zoop abund unknown NEP NSF
MOC10data_lengths unknown GB NSF
MOC10_abund unknown GB NSF
Model Results for the Ross Sea and West Antarctic Peninsula unknown SMP NSF
moorings_GSC unknown GB NSF
mooring_ef unknown GB NSF
MV1015 Prochlorococcus FCM QPCR DBI-0424599
N15_uptake unknown Arabian Sea NSF
nanoplankton unknown Arabian Sea NSF
NEP1995_bio_opt unknown GB NSF
NEP1995_met unknown GB NSF
NEP1995_T_S unknown GB NSF
NEP1996_bio_opt unknown GB NSF
NEP1996_met unknown GB NSF
NEP1996_T_S unknown GB NSF
NEP1997_bio_opt unknown GB NSF
NEP1997_met unknown GB NSF
NEP1997_T_S unknown GB NSF
NEP1998_bio_opt unknown GB NSF
NEP1998_met unknown GB NSF
NEP1998_T_S unknown GB NSF
NEP1999_bio_opt unknown GB NSF
NEP1999_met unknown GB NSF
NEP1999_T_S unknown GB NSF
NEP_adcp_1996 unknown GB NSF
NEP_adcp_1997 unknown GB NSF
NEP_adcp_1998 unknown GB NSF
NEP_adcp_1999 unknown GB NSF
New Production - N15 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
nmfs_CTDsb unknown GB NSF
nmfs_drift unknown GB NSF
Nutrients DBI-0424599
Nutrients unknown SO_GasEx NSF
nutrients unknown NABE NSF
nut_phyto unknown GB NSF
N_uptake unknown NABE NSF
O2 Rosette unknown SO_GasEx NSF
O2 Underway unknown SO_GasEx NSF
oi_sst_1993 unknown GB NSF
oi_sst_1994 unknown GB NSF
oi_sst_1995 unknown GB NSF
oi_sst_1996 unknown GB NSF
oi_sst_1997 unknown GB NSF
oi_sst_1998 unknown GB NSF
oi_sst_movies unknown GB NSF
ondeck_O2_prod unknown Arabian Sea NSF
optics unknown NABE NSF
ox18 unknown NABE NSF
PAR unknown Arabian Sea NSF
PAR unknown NABE NSF
Participation Networks GEO-1211972
particulate carbon and nitrogen DBI-0424599
Particulate matter concentration unknown NABE NSF
Particulate matter concentration unknown Arabian Sea NSF
pco2_air unknown Arabian Sea NSF
pco2_water unknown Arabian Sea NSF
PE DBI-0424599
picophyto unknown Arabian Sea NSF
picoplankton unknown Arabian Sea NSF
pigments unknown NABE NSF
Pigments - Sediment Trap DBI-0424599
Pigments - Water Column DBI-0424599
pitdata unknown NABE NSF
POC unknown SO_GasEx NSF
poc_pon unknown Arabian Sea NSF
PP DBI-0424599
primary_prod unknown NABE NSF
primary_prod unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Prochlorococcus_narB DBI-0424599
ProPortal DBI-0424599
pseudocal unknown GB NSF
qPCR FCM DBI-0424599
Radiosonde unknown SAGE NSF
Rosette Samples - HRS1314 DBI-0424599
sail unknown NABE NSF
SBE37 - El Rosario and Natividad DEB-1212124
SEAFET - Natividad DEB-1212124
Seafloor flux estimates unknown SMP NSF
SECM fish catch unknown NEP NSF
SECM fish size and stomach contents unknown NEP NSF
SECM_CTD_all unknown NEP NSF
SECM_CTD_points unknown NEP NSF
SECM_nutrients_all unknown NEP NSF
SECM_nutrients_points unknown NEP NSF
SECM_stations unknown NEP NSF
sediment unknown NABE NSF
Sediment Trap Locations DBI-0424599
sediment_traps unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Sedtrap Metagenomes DBI-0424599
Sedtrap Metagenomes DBI-1202684
sed_comp unknown Arabian Sea NSF
SF6 Discrete - Station/Niskin Sort unknown SO_GasEx NSF
SF6 Underway - Patch 1 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
SF6 Underway - Patch 2 unknown SO_GasEx NSF
SF_adcp_1996 unknown GB NSF
SF_adcp_1997 unknown GB NSF
SF_adcp_1998 unknown GB NSF
SF_adcp_1999 unknown GB NSF
SF_vel_temp unknown GB NSF
shipboard underway unknown AESOPS NSF
Si Cycling and Si Control unknown SMP NSF
spherical_par unknown GB NSF
SST - Hard Hat unknown SAGE NSF
SST - MAERI Air and SST unknown SAGE NSF
st2mooring unknown GB NSF
Stations DBI-0424599
Stations - CTD by SF6 unknown SAGE NSF
Stations - Master List unknown SAGE NSF
station_plans unknown GB NSF
sulfide_peroxide unknown Arabian Sea NSF
tco2 unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Th234_activity unknown NABE NSF
th234_pump unknown Arabian Sea NSF
Thorium-234 Uranium-238 unknown SOFeX NSF
TMtrace_Fe_Al unknown Arabian Sea NSF
toc unknown Arabian Sea NSF
ton unknown Arabian Sea NSF
trace_Fe_Al unknown Arabian Sea NSF
trace_metals unknown NABE NSF
Transcriptomics - BLOOMER DBI-0424599
Transcriptomics - OPEREX DBI-0424599
Underway DBI-0424599
Underway - DFe unknown SAGE NSF
Underway - FRRF unknown SAGE NSF
Underway - pCO2 unknown SAGE NSF
Underway - SF6 unknown SAGE NSF
Underway - SO2 unknown SAGE NSF
Underway - U10UstarFlux unknown SAGE NSF
uptake_aa_15N unknown NABE NSF
UVP DBI-0424599
vbs unknown GB NSF
VPR_ashjian_alt unknown GB NSF
VPR_ashjian_nonzero unknown GB NSF
VPR_ashjian_orig unknown GB NSF
Warm Core Rings Stratified Euphausiid Abundance and Zooplankton Biomass OCE-1435578
XBT unknown NABE NSF
zoo_MOC_GoM unknown GB NSF