Dataset: marine mammal sightings
Deployment: NBP0202

Marine mammal (whale and penguin) sightings from Chile to the Western Antarctic Peninsula, 2000-2002
Principal Investigator: 
Dr Deborah Thiele (Deakin University of Australia, DUA)
Current State: 
Final with updates expected
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Visual surveys for cetaceans and penguins were conducted during daylight hours on all days when weather conditions allowed on the Antarctic Peninsula, in the austral autumns and winters of 2000-2002.

Objectives: 1) to characterize foraging behavior and movements of individual baleen whales in relation to prey characteristics and physical environment, 2) to relate distribution, abundance and biomass of baleen whales species to same for krill in a large area in a single season, and 3) to monitor interannual variability in whale distribution and abundance in relation to physical environment and prey characteristics.

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