Funding Source: NSF Antarctic Sciences (NSF ANT)

Dataset Award Number
acoustic backscatter - BIOMAPER-II ANT-9910307
acoustic backscatter120 kHz ANT-9910307
ADCP_5minute ANT-9910102
ADCP_hourly ANT-9910102
alongtrack ANT-9910092
alongtrack ANT-9910007
alongtrack ANT-1044982
Alongtrack Data NBP10-02 ANT-0741348
alongtrack_lmg0602 ANT-0338090
Antarctic Coral Flabellum impensum metabolism ANT-0741348
Antarctic_benthic_organisms PLR-1041022
Autonomous Weather Station - AWS-Kirkwood Is. ANT-0537827
Autonomous Weather Station - AWS-Kirkwood Is. ANT-0338147
Autonomous Weather Station - AWS-Kirkwood Is. ANT-0230028
Autonomous Weather Station -AWS- Dismal Is. ANT-0537827
Autonomous Weather Station -AWS- Dismal Is. ANT-0338147
Autonomous Weather Station -AWS- Dismal Is. ANT-0230028
bacteria_brine ANT-9910098
bacteria_ice ANT-9910098
bacteria_water ANT-9910098
bathymetry ANT-0234163
biogenic silica ANT-0338097
bird_effort ANT-9910096
bird_observ ANT-9910096
BMP2-vpr ess ANT-9910307
BMP2_ess ANT-9910307
bottle data - NBP1201 ANT-0944165
buoy_position ANT-9910098
buoy_radiometer ANT-9910098
buoy_temp_barom ANT-9910098
buoy_therm unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
Chlorophyll a ANT-0944727
chlorophyll_a_Ant2 PLR-0528715
chloro_Daly ANT-0196489
chloro_Vernet ANT-9910175
Cruise Track ANT-0839069
Cruise Track ANT-0453680
Cruise Track ANT-0732535
CTD ANT-0338097
CTD data from LMG1110 ANT-1044982
CTD_cruise unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
CTD_Klink_one_meter ANT-9909956
CTD_Klink_std_depth ANT-9909956
CTD_MOCNESS_1_10 ANT-0741348
daily_PAR ANT-9910175
diatom_abundance_Ant1 PLR-0528715
DIF_records unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
Discrete O2 Ar PLR-0636744
Discrete O2 Ar - Sampling Log PLR-0636744
dissolved cobalt ANT-0338097
dissolved cobalt ANT-0732665
dissolved cobalt ANT-0440840
DMS_DMSP_Ant1 PLR-0528715
drifters_argos unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
drifter_images unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
Duquette et al. Mg/Ca ratios PLR-1041022
event log LMG11-10 ANT-1044982
eventlog ANT-0338090
eventlogs ANT-9910092
eventlogs ANT-9910007
Fe_dissolved_Ant1 PLR-0528715
Fe_dissolved_Ant2 PLR-0528715
fish_abund ANT-9910100
floats_2003 unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
FRRF ANT-9910175
GOVARS SG502 ANT-0838980
GOVARS SG503 ANT-0838980
Hydrocasts_nitrate ANT-0453680
ice_optics ANT-9910122
ice_optics ANT-9910179
ice_properties ANT-9910098
ice_thickness ANT-9981683
ice_thickness ANT-9910098
inventory unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
iron and nutrients - profile ANT-0338164
iron and nutrients - underway ANT-0338164
krill ANT-0196489
larval krill pigments ANT-9909933
larval_krill_cf ANT-9909933
larval_krill_growth ANT-9909933
larval_krill_sum ANT-9909933
marine mammal sightings unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
McMurdo epifauna ANT-0842064
McMurdo epifauna species list ANT-0842064
McMurdo Marine Benthos ANT-0842064
McMurdo sediment ANT-0842064
McMurdo transects ANT-0842064
McMurdo volcano sponge size ANT-0842064
Microbial Biomass and Productivity ANT-0444134
microzoo_abundance_Ant1 PLR-0528715
microzoo_abund_NAtl PLR-0528715
moorings_CTD 2001 ANT-9910092
moorings_CTD 2001 -lowpass ANT-9910092
moorings_CTD 2002 ANT-9910092
moorings_CTD 2002 -lowpass ANT-9910092
moorings_currents 2001 ANT-9910092
moorings_currents 2001 -lowpass ANT-9910092
moorings_currents 2002 ANT-9910092
moorings_currents 2002 -lowpass ANT-9910092
moorings_depth and pressure 2001 ANT-9910092
moorings_depth and pressure 2001 -lowpass ANT-9910092
moorings_depth and pressure 2002 ANT-9910092
moorings_depth and pressure 2002 -lowpass ANT-9910092
moorings_ice profile 2001 ANT-9910092
moorings_ice profile 2001 -lowpass ANT-9910092
mRNA sequencing - RNAseq PLR-0944201
mRNA sequencing - RNAseq PLR-1246202
NBP10-02 Event log ANT-0741348
NBP1201 cruise track ANT-0944165
Niskin bottle hydrography ANT-0338097
nutrients_lmg unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
nutrients_NBP unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
nutrients_particulate_Ant1 PLR-0528715
nutrients_particulate_Ant2 PLR-0528715
nuts_dissolved_Ant1 PLR-0528715
nuts_dissolved_Ant2 PLR-0528715
OA pH Temp PLR-1246202
Optical Plankton Counter SOGLOBEC-OPC MOC unknown SOGLOBEC NSF ANT
pH temp sal PLR-0944201
pH temp sal PLR-1246202
photosystem_efficiency_Ant2 PLR-0528715
phyto_abundance_Ant2 PLR-0528715
phyto_abund_NAtl PLR-0528715
phyto_growth_NAtl PLR-0528715
phyto_temp_iron_Ant1 PLR-0528715
Pigments and Nutrients ANT-0444134
pigments_CN ANT-0338290
pigments_HPLC ANT-0338097
POC_PON ANT-9910175
Primary Productivity ANT-0444134
PRISM Video Plankton Recorder raw data ANT-0944165
production vs. irradiance ANT-9910175
Radium Summary ANT-0443869
respiration-excretion rates - fish ANT-9910100
respiration-excretion rates - micronekton ANT-9910100
respiration-excretion rates - plankton ANT-9910100
RNA sequences PLR-1447291
Salp genome and transcriptome ANT-1044982
Salp sample log ANT-1044982
seaice ANT-9910098
seals_general ANT-0003956
seals_general ANT-9981683
seals_location satellite tracking ANT-0003956
seals_location satellite tracking ANT-9981683
seals_morphometrics ANT-0003956
seals_morphometrics ANT-9981683
seals_phys-bloodwork ANT-0003956
seals_phys-bloodwork ANT-9981683
seals_predicted mass ANT-9981683
seals_predicted mass ANT-0003956
Shipboard Standard Underway ANT-0839069
simrad ANT-9910307
simulated in situ primary production ANT-9910175
snow_pits ANT-9910122
snow_pits ANT-9910179
sonobuoy_whale ANT-9910007
Stations ANT-0444134
Stations - Proposed ANT-0839069
Thorium Summary ANT-0443869
Trace Metals ANT-0944727
Trace Metals - 2004 ANT-0230445
Trace Metals - 2006 ANT-0443403
underway chloro ANT-0196489
Underway O2 Ar PLR-0636744
Underway O2 Ar - Sampling Log PLR-0636744
Underway pCO2 and dissolved oxygen concentrations and fluxes ANT-0839069
Underway pCO2 and dissolved oxygen concentrations and fluxes ANT-0838975
underway T S fluor pigments ANT-0338097
Underway_nitrate ANT-0453680
VPR_ashjian_alt_SO ANT-9910307
VPR_ashjian_nonzero_SO ANT-9910307
VPR_ashjian_orig_SO ANT-9910307
zooplankton abund and stages_lmg ANT-0196489
zooplankton abund and stages_nbp ANT-0523332
zooplankton abund and stages_nbp ANT-9910307
zooplankton abund biomass_MOC - nbp ANT-9910307