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Instrument: MultiNet

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The MultiNet© Multiple Plankton Sampler is designed as a sampling system for horizontal and vertical collections in successive water layers. Equipped with 5 or 9 net bags, the MultiNet© can be delivered in 3 sizes (apertures) : Mini (0.125 m2), Midi (0.25 m2) and Maxi (0.5 m2). The system consists of a shipboard Deck Command Unit and a stainless steel frame to which 5 (or 9) net bags are attached by means of zippers to canvas. The net bags are opened and closed by means of an arrangement of levers that are triggered by a battery powered Motor Unit. The commands for actuation of the net bags are given via single or multi-conductor cable between the Underwater Unit and the Deck Command Unit. Although horizontal collections typically use a mesh size of 300 microns, mesh sizes from 100 to 500 may also be used. Vertical collections are also common. The shipboard Deck Command Unit displays all relevant system data, including the actual operating depth of the net system.