Instrument: ROV Hercules


ROV Hercules is operated via E/V Nautilus. Hercules is outfitted with features that allow it to perform intricate tasks, including two manipulator arms, a variety of sensors and samplers, a high-definition video camera, several LED lights, and high-resolution mapping tools. The submersible receives power from the surface through a fiber-optic cable, which also transmits data and video, to allow pilots located in the shipboard control van to "fly" the ROV in any direction through the use of its six thrusters. Other sensors located on Hercules measure pressure, depth, water temperature, oxygen concentration, and salinity to accommodate requests from scientists both onboard and onshore. Hercules is equipped with multiple cameras, including the high-definition video camera that allows for real-time telepresence.

The ROV is built to withstand pressures at a depth of 4,000 meters with more than 6,000 pound-force per square inch (psi) for up to three days. See more: