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Instrument: Sage Science BluePippin DNA size selection device

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An automated DNA size selection instrument, with pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA. The instrument is used to automatically extract DNA fragments of a user selected size for downstream technologies such as miRNA isolation, DNA sequencing, RNA-seq, genotyping, DNA sequencing, ChIP-seq, and Long-read sequencing. The instrument uses electrophoresis along with laser detection or other imaging technology to determine when to start collecting DNA based on size ranges entered by the user. Once the DNA is no longer in the desired size range, collection ceases. The instrument has electrophoresis voltage options: 25V, 100V or 150V constant, or 100V pulsed field. The optical detection wavelength is 470 nm excitation, and 525 nm emission. The instrument can run up to 5 samples/gel cassettes at a time, with no possibility of cross contamination.